Mommy Moments of 2019

2019 was full of mommy memories for Mason and myself. From favorite hairstyles to my first glimpse of racism towards my child, here are my top 3 Mommy Moments of 2019.

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I have been a mother for a full calendar year! Mason went into the new year almost 17 months old for all you month counting mommies. In my words, Mason is almost 1 and 1/2 lol. Being a mother has been one of the most difficult yet rewarding experiences of my life. Being responsible for a whole human being is kind of a big deal. With this year came many ups and downs with trial and error, but through it all, Mason’s laughs, smiles, and milestones brought so much joy to my life. Since 2019 came to a close, I wanted to share my Top 3 Mommy Moments of 2019.

1) Mason’s First Man Bun

It is no secret that Mason got his grade of hair from me! Yeah folks he may look like his daddy in the face but the curls are me all over the place! That said, I couldn’t wait to start trying different boy appropriate styles on him! The first being a man bun! He was so cute!!!! All I used was water, Cantu Kids Leave in Conditioner, and Cantu Kids Curl Cream and a soft bristle brush. He wasn’t too fond of it initially, but eventually he got the hang of it. As his hair got longer, he started to have a little curl puff. Check out the evolution of the man bun from January to December!

2) Racism exists at Kid/Toddler Birthday Parties

For the record, I was never that woman that loved children. My mom always told me “You will feel different about your own.” Mason is very much so the only kid I really see myself just liking and loving to be around. Mason having a social mother led to Mason getting invited to several birthday parties this past year. I still remember my first one. All the other moms were playing with all the children and asking one another about their children and development, and I was sitting with my drink to myself watching my child and my child only play to himself (he was one of the youngest there so he wasn’t walking like the others yet). It was then I realized that my mother was so right. Even now, I still only feel different about my own lol. When Mason started walking, I had to take a more active role at the parties. He is such a sweet boy and he loves other children, so he is ripping and running and wanting to play with any and everybody. Depending on the party and whether it is a private party or open play with mixed crowds, I have learned that I have to keep my eye out for behaviors. For example, at a mixed crowd party, Mason was trying to play with a little white girl and the little girl ran to her brother and mother like she was scared of smiling playful Mason. I realized other little white children shunned from playing with him as well. Even at the young ages of 2 and 3, they are already teaching children to prejudge and be afraid of our little black sweet innocent boys. It was yet one of many reminders that Mason can always be the nicest, most educated, and sweet young man and for some, none of that will matter. Look at this sweet face! Who wouldn’t want to play with him?

3) Mason’s Dedication Back to Christ

Mason was dedicated back to the Lord on October 5, 2019 at Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church. His parents, grandmothers, TeTe Kelsey, and Godmother Bianca was present. The Lord blessed us to be the parents of this kid, so it is only right we give him back until Mason is ready to accept Christ for himself. Mason was the oldest one (we waited a little while to set a date), and he was the most active! Our families were able to stream the dedication and Mason for sure gave them a show! lol Took the Pastor’s mic and all smh. He definitely got his mother and father’s silliness!

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