Walk By Faith, Not By Sight : Houston Edition

Houston we no longer have a problem! Kelz is here to stay! Read here on my amazing testimony of God’s love towards his faithful servants!

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It is long overdue, but I promised my testimony so here it goes!

I previously posted did a post (linked) on my family and I preparing to relocate to Cleveland, OH. Oh how things have changed! All I can sum it up with is “God is good!”

Summer 2019 approached! It was time to start preparing for a life changing move. We had found a house we wanted to rent and had scheduled movers to come pack up the house the week after July 4th. Mid June, my husband got an email for consideration at one of the top Oil and Gas companies in the world, and we were excited! He did a phone interview and an in office interview, and the Friday before the 4th, we were notified that he was offered the position! Let me tell you this…he didn’t even apply for the position! They had his info on file from a previous application from a while ago and when something opened, God put it on someone’s mind to circle back! Not knowing we were moving not knowing anything about our situation! When my husband first relocated here back in 2015, he had desires of working for a major oil and gas company…and now here we are…God has given him the desires of his heart. I was so overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness! It was so crazy to believe that right at the end, when you thought all hope was gone, this was really happening! We were no longer relocating and we got to stay in Houston!

Now that I have had time to process it all and reflect, I am here to tell you this was all a test of my faith…my husband’s faith…heck my family’s faith. God approached us with an opportunity and souped it up with a lot of bells and whistles. As you previously read in my prior post on this, I initially was not on board for the Cleveland job. I stepped out on faith, and told God “You would not bring us this far to leave us so have your way. I will ride the wave.” I allowed my husband to lead us as a family, and cut out all the negative talk about the move. I began a supportive role and tried to encourage my husband to chase his career. You see, when I started removing myself and my opinions and instead walked by faith and not by sight (whew…that gave me chills just typing)…God knew…Kelli trusts me! Her husband trusts me! They were ready to give up all comfort and let me guide! Ok! Now that I know they are down for the cause…let me go ahead and show them what I REALLY have in store for their family! BOOM! Just like that! We are cancelling movers DAYS before they were to arrive!!! Yall!! Changing a whole relocation within DAYS of it happening! You cannot tell me GOD AIN’T GOOD!

I am here to tell you, stand on your faith! When you are unsure of what is next in your life, I promise you, He will not lead you astray! God just wants to know He has a faithful servant! Let him use you as a testimony to someone as He has used me! He gets ALL the glory in my celebration of his doings!

Houston We no longer have a problem! Kelz is here to stay!!!

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