Mason’s 1st Dentist Appointment

Mason’s first dentist appointment was great! I learned a bit of info from his dentist that I thought I would share. Check out my latest post on Baby Dental Care.

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The time came for Mason to get his 6, yes I said 6, teeth cleaned and inspected. I have been saying this all summer, but Geez Louise where did the time go! After getting a lot of questions and comments on things I shared about the visit on Instagram (follow me @Kelzncurlz_ ), I thought it would be beneficial to mommies to share here as well!

Mason’s dentist provided the following recommendations:

  • Your child’s first appointment should be before their 1st birthday (Most parents wait until the child is 2 or 3 and do not realize the child may already have cavities causing their first visit to be painful. If their first visit is positive and pain free, they are more open to coming again.)
  • Brush their teeth and gums twice a day. If you find it to be difficult, try singing to them while you brush. Mason gets zoned in on our singing and completely forgets we are in his mouth lol.
  • Babies are not born with the bacteria that causes cavities, they are given that bacteria from adults. When we bite their food or chew their food to give them some, we pass the bacteria to them not even realizing it.
  • After babies drink a bottle or eat food, use Baby Tooth and Gum Wipes to clean their mouths before taking a nap or going to bed. These prevent tooth decay and are safe to use as early as when the first tooth begins to cut through.

The dentist brushed and flossed Mason teeth, and did a fluoride treatment that would not allow me to brush Mason’s teeth again until the next morning. Mason got a toothbrush, sticker, and some tooth and gum wipes to take home, and he will go back in 6 months. If you are in that first year, go ahead and get something on the calendar. If you are past the 1 year mark, it is not too late to start. Check with your dental insurance and find a pediatric dentist!

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