AC RTT: I Don’t Get Male Attention

In my opinion, Ayesha Curry said nothing wrong and if you think she did let me enlighten you with my views…Check out my post!

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Jada Pinkett-Smith refers to the Red Table as “a table that carries no judgement.” So when I saw the different opinions and criticism so many felt the need to share on Ayesha Curry’s comment on her segment on Red Table Talk with The Curry Dynasty, I felt the need to share my perspective.

As a wife and mother of 1, I found it refreshing to see that someone of Ayesha Curry’s status could feel the same way I do at times. I remember being in a relationship, being engaged, and even being married and turning men down when approached. My linesisters/friends used to laugh at how quick I would put my ring in a man’s face and say “I’m taken” or “I’m good. I am engaged.” Now by no means is attention something I want for malicious intent, but as a woman, you want to be desired. Being real, I don’t know a lot of people who want someone that is not wanted by others. Call me shallow whatever, this is my truth.

After gaining weight and after giving birth, my body was not the same…my self confidence took a dip and I grew to be very self-conscious. When going out with friends, I started to notice men did not feel the need to approach me or even recognize me in a group. I would be lying if I didn’t say it made me wonder well dang have I lost it? If men aren’t finding me attractive, what is keeping my husband happy with me? I know when he is out he probably has been approached (Like I said I wanted him so I know others do). And I know so many people are like “As long as my husband finds me attractive, then that should be all that matters.” Not once did Ayesha say that her husband doesn’t find her attractive. It is human to want to be desired or found attractive. Heck MILF simply means someone you would find attractive after having children. My husband has always told me I am beautiful and I am still sexy breastfed boobs and all, but in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with assurance in the way Ayesha stated. And to be honest, how many times have we seen men leave their wives and mothers of their children for something younger and prettier? Nothing wrong with wanting to feel that you can still compete years and 3 children later.

Every woman has insecurities! If you think you don’t, you are lying. To hear her say her truth as freakin Ayesha Curry the Covergirl, Chef, Entrepreneur, and all around BAWSE she is and to be able to relate was so powerful! It showed that no matter the financial status or how well put together we are or appear, we all are human and think the same thoughts. I do not come close to her status, but she is someone I admire and seeing that we share struggles just made me love her that much more.

I talked about this with my husband, and we agreed that of course being who she is and what she represents, it is not unusual for this to be her truth. She is the wife of a basketball superstar that is a Godly man and not all over the Shaderoom for cheating or mishandling his assets. She has 3 beautiful children with Steph and there is nothing another man can offer her that Steph can’t give her or she can’t earn herself. Brings me to that 80/20 rule, but Steph isn’t lacking the 20…I don’t know if he is even lacking 5 I mean let’s be real, but I say this to say, men see that profile of a family and husband and wife and respect it. Don’t even want to waste the time to shoot a shot layup anything in her DMs.

Majority of those I saw that didn’t seem to get it were not married, had no children, or had not been married long enough to see the change that comes with time at times. She has been with this man since she was 15. I have been with my husband for almost 10 years. If you haven’t had this thought, keep living…don’t be surprised when it hits you. And no, her statement was not to imply she isn’t thankful and grateful for the life God has chosen to bless her with. I bet Steph is doing a great job as a provider and husband, a woman just has to feel good for herself sometimes.

If you still aren’t there, we can agree to disagree. But this is a moment that she should be applauded for being truthful and not putting on an image that some would rather her be. Instagram perfect lives are so overrated people smh. No woman should be ridiculed for embracing and empowering others to see this ish happens to us all.

I’m done. AC – thank you for speaking one of my truths and you got a fan in me 🙂

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