In Married Life, You Have to be Supportive Wife

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If you follow me on social media, I am sure you saw that my family is preparing to move to the lovely state of Ohio! Yep! You read it right…good ole Cleveland Ohio. As the news has reached ears, many have asked, Why?? Who moves from Houston to Cleveland? You prepared for those awful winters? lol Well let me explain…

Let’s go all the way back to June of 2018. I was about 8 months pregnant and about 1 month into living in my new home. My husband had an amazing opportunity come through the pipeline that he just could not turn down. I mean really…he was looking for every reason to accept this job. I still remember him telling me about the job then letting me know the city and my whole attitude just changing. Nowhere in my mind did I ever see me living up north. I had no desire what so ever to be in a state that receives snow and yet they STILL go to school/work. (You southern people know the moment there is a chance of snow we were on state of emergency lol.) But here I was faced with the dilemma of packing up my life and being a supportive wife or holding my ground and saying you can move but I’m good love…you know the rest lol.

When we as women get married, we are to allow our men to lead the household as well as submit and be there through thick and thin, wrong or right, rich or poor, healthy and sick. I remember being a newly wed and sometimes thinking I would feel more comfortable with being submissive and following my husband’s direction if I knew he was allowing God to lead him. After our rough patch, God showed me more than ever that he was very present in my husband’s life. It was a huge reason as to why we are still on this journey of marriage. So, with something this big coming literally right after we closed on a home, I started to pray and ask God to give me a sign that He was leading Malcolm in this direction.

After some intense conversations, arguments, ultimatums, seeking counseling, and come to Jesus moments, we had decided as a family to turn the position down due to bad timing and us preparing to embark on parenthood. I was not interested in moving almost 40 weeks pregnant and having to try to scramble to find a place to live, a new doctor, a new hospital, and all that jazz. I had a game plan in Houston and there was no deferring from that. When he informed his boss of the decline, he specifically asked to speak with me saying he wanted to hear my concerns and see if he could make me feel more comfortable with the situation. Something I have never had an employer ask. Since when does my husband’s employer want to hear my thoughts and concerns?

So, we had a conversation where I laid it out as that pregnant woman who was already in Mommy mode and thinking about what was best for her son and her family. I made it clear, I was not taking a newborn to Cleveland where I have no support system and I have no clue how to drive in snow. I was not interested in finding a pediatrician and OBGYN that I trust in that short time frame. After I explained all my concerns, he came back with a solution for every concern I had. Needless to say, we discussed as a family, and I decided that if my husband wanted to go for this promotion and make a career move, then I was here for it. As much as I did not want to leave my new home, I was going to be the supportive wife and suck it up. Get my Game of Thrones mindset on if you will (winter is coming…worse winter of my freakin life lol).

I thought back to when we first got engaged, and my husband (fiance then) moved to me in Houston, TX with no job lined up. He supported me then and stepped out on faith, so who am I not to do the same when he wants to go after something. I decided to stop thinking of self and let him have his time to truly shine, I mean, this was a big promotion! I am so proud of him being under 30 and being a Director! It is so rewarding to see the potential and ambition you saw when initially dating bring forth such reward. He deserves everything coming his way. My man grinds and is the most humble individual I know. He does not brag or boast at all about his accomplishments, but as his partner, I have absolutely NO problem bragging for him! Iron sharpens iron right! We are a movement in our individual career paths, but a freakin force when you put those paths together!

So, with this said, the Adams are preparing for the big move Summer 2019! Pray for us as we transition and adjust to the northern lifestyle.


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