Postpartum Fitness


“Do you ever walk in the gym and want a sign on your forehead that says “I’M POSTPARTUM” I remember in the very beginning I felt like such a beginner again, imagine that I pushed a baby out of my body. Thinking back now I wish I could have been a little more gentle on myself… I’ll catch a glimpse of someone looking at me in the gym and I get this impulse to say “I had a baby” like I need to justify something. Then I think again and I’m like “HELL YEA YOU HAD A BABY!!” Its waaaaay to easy to bash ourselves and you know your body and mind hears that BS….And here’s the real crazy thing, they may have been looking at me like “damn she looks good” but what my mind received is what counts and that’s where the shift takes place.” – Noelle Benepe (@noellebenepe Instagram)

A great friend of mine shared this with me, and I could not agree more! As a mother of an infant, I will admit, finding myself has been trial and error. Before Mason, people that know me know I loved the gym. Fitness was a big part of Kelz and now almost 8 months postpartum, I am ready to tap back into that part of me.

I remember trying to jump back in at 8 weeks postpartum, and while that was great to try, it was while I was still on maternity leave. Motherhood was still very new to me, and I didn’t truly understand what all was on my plate at the time. I was stressed about breastfeeding and getting baby weight off while recovering from a C Section. I consumed myself with trying to snap back like other moms I had seen on my social media. You know people post 7 days postpartum with no waist…that dream was so short lived lol. I had gotten down to 169lbs and was so proud of myself, but then I stopped breastfeeding. I soon learned that just because I stopped breastfeeding, it did not mean that the appetite I had grown to have would go away. Did I always make the healthiest choices? Of course not. I was getting food in when and where I could. You are probably thinking so what did you do about it when you saw your progress was erased? Well, I had to learn to love myself at whatever weight I was and understand that I just brought life into this world! I woke up one morning and was like Kelz stop being so hard on yourself! I focused on being a mom and being present in the moments that mattered. I gave myself time to try to begin what would be my new lifestyle. After Mason turned 6 months, I had a wake up call. Kelli, you can’t keep giving the excuse I just had a baby every time the gym calls your name. It was time to stop making excuses and get back in a routine.

I have work, motherhood, and marriage to juggle. Where do I find time to go to the gym? My child doesn’t go to bed till 12:30 am some nights. Can I turn around and get up early for workout before work? My job has been hectic since I returned, and I don’t always get off in time to go workout after work. My husband still wants me to get in the swing of wifely duties, can I do that and workout? I spent almost 2 months just trying to get in my head “There you go again making excuses! Make time Kelli!”

Now, I am 8 month’s postpartum, and I am ready to give this fitness thing a second go round. I am beginning my MILF journey at 190 lbs. It took a lot to be able to share that, but I say it so you know I had to start somewhere. When I look back and see where I started, it will all be worth it. I am my body goals!

I love when I can look back at me and say I want to get back to that. Ladies, comparison is the thief of joy! You are your only competition. Motherhood and birth brings about HUGE changes to our bodies and mentality. Do not lose you or get caught up in someone else’s progress. I went to an influencer event and one of them said “One Day or Day One” and that truly stuck with me. I chose Day 1 last week, what are you going to chose?

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