Mommy’s Day Out

As mothers, you need a “Mommy’s Day Out!” Don’t think so? Read and see why!

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The weekend has come and gone, and man was it needed. I picked a VERY busy time to come back to work, so the transition has been real. I never realize just how important “Mommy’s Day Out” is until I get back home from it. What is “Mommy’s Day Out” you ask?

As a mother, especially a new one, you can tend to develop a schedule solely centered around the baby. The thought of being away from them for more than 15 minutes drives you crazy, and you feel obligated to be there for every moment and task. “Mom Guilt” is another term for feeling bad about the thought of relinquishing control or taking time away from your little one. (I will post about my experience with that as well.) Mommy’s Day Out is a way to help balance your sanity and motherhood and alleviate “Mom Guilt.”

Saturday, I had Verlinda, my friend/sorority sister, in town, and she was adamant about getting myself and a fellow new mom Veronica, another friend/sorority sister, out for some fun. That entire day, I was trying to mentally prepare myself to get out the house. I must admit that being home with a child, I strongly developed a home body lifestyle. When my son napped, I would just enjoy the peace and quiet in the home or watch TV/nap/social media scroll. I rarely have a desire to go out. I do my usual First Sunday Brunch every month with friends, but outside of that, I really look forward to grocery store/shopping for Mason runs or random isle shopping at Target lol. But she is in town, and I want her to enjoy her time in Houston, so here we go!

We went to Axelrad (hammock beer garden here in Houston) and spent a little time enjoying the environment and good weather post the rain.

We left there and went to The Address for some food, drinks, hookah, and music. Just being out and about while singing lyrics to songs and laughing about topics not centered around motherhood was quite refreshing. On the way home, I told Verlinda “I always realize just how much these times are needed after or while they happen. Sometimes you get so caught up in taking care of everyone else that you forget to take care of you.”

If you have a friend, sister, cousin, wife, girlfriend heck ANYONE that is a mother, understand that if we, as mothers, want to go turn up for a sec or go grab a drink or brunch with some mimosas, it does not make us any less of a mother. Mothers, we have to remember to make time for ourselves without feeling guilty or seeing ourselves as a “Bad mom” for wanting to go spend a few hours away from the little one. There is absolutely no shame in this! This is a way of staying sane in this crazy yet beautiful thing called motherhood. So, go to your GroupMe or Group Text with your girls and plan a day to go do something fun! Trust me when I say you earned it and you deserve it : )

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