Valentine Weekend Getaway

Nothing like a great weekend with friends and no children. Our first trip after having Mason and it was much needed.


It’s been a long time coming, but finally, my husband and I got to getaway for the weekend without the baby. Mason is 6 months old, so trust me when I say, this was long overdue. It is VERY easy to get so wrapped up in being mommy and daddy that you forget to be hubby and wife. So, for Valentine’s Day, my marriage/motherhood bestie Tarah and I planned a couple’s trip to Austin.

Being married is a full time job as I am sure I have said before in other blogs. With that said, it is vital and seriously therapeutic to have married friends. And when you can take it another level and have married friends with a baby close to the same age as yours….let’s just say you hit the freakin jackpot! My cousin Brandon and his wife Tarah have become one of our go to couples. We vent to one another, laugh with one another, and relate to one another SO well! Not to mention we live on the same street (Won’t He Do It). It was only right we travel together as well.

We took off for Austin on Saturday morning. Tara and I had planned brunch, some wine tasting in Driftwood, dinner, and bar hopping on 6th. Brunch turned into lunch at the 1st winery seeing as the brunch spot we chose had an hour to an hour and a half wait. (Don’t worry…we went back Sunday to try again lol)

The first winery had amazing lunch! I had grilled pork chops, mashed potatoes, and brussel sprouts (see below). The men had lamb chops and asparagus, and Tara had a seafood pasta. The winery had a tasting room where you could select either 6 red wines or 6 white wines. The list was locked, so the 6 they offered were the only 6 you could have of either. We decided each couple would do a red and wine tasting so that we got to try all 12. Long story short, we headed to the 2nd winery slightly buzzed.

I couldn’t resist taking a bite before taking a pic, Delicious!

The second winery was our fave of the two and more than likely will see us again soon lol. We were able to do a tasting and select 6 wines that we chose from a listing of over 20 different wines. We both left with bottles and souvenir wine glasses. They tasted better than the 1st winery and the views were stunning!

One of the many views from the Driftwood Winery. It was cloudy and dreary.

On the way home, we passed Salt Lick BBQ. A friend of Brandon’s said it is one of the best places for BBQ in the Austin area so we figured why not turn around and try it out! Now, I am from Memphis area, so good BBQ means something serious to me. I will say it was good, but I have had better in good ole M Town.

What was supposed to be a night out on the town ended up being a girls’ night in with laughter and stories for days on marriage and motherhood. Nothing like being able to chat it up with no judgement with someone that truly gets it! (Love ya Tarah!)

Sunday, we got up for brunch at Moonshine Patio Bar and Grill and some shopping at San Marcos Premium Outlet. Yall! That Outlet is massive! Hours flew by hitting all those stores! We didn’t get home till after 10 p.m.

I encourage married couples all the time to find other married couples to confide in. Single friends are great to have, but it is just something about being able to let it all out with someone that will continue to encourage you to fight through your problems and keep love alive in dark times. TRUST! We all have them! Ain’t a single marriage perfect! OK!


2 comments on “Valentine Weekend Getaway”

  1. Great stuff! You definitely have to be intentional with making couple time. We were told when we were pregnant with our oldest to put it on the schedule first thing & shake off any guilt behind it. If we are happy, the family is happy!


    1. Very true! Reminds me of the interview Ayesha Curry did where she said her and Stephen come first then the family cause if we are good then the foundation is good further making the children and family good!


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