Mason’s First Night in His Crib

Mason spent his first night in his nursery and I could not be happier!

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December 16th. Mason is 4 months old and in my opinion, ready to sleep alone in his crib. The classes all told us to have him in the room with us for the first 3 months, and that time has come and gone. I was mentally prepared for this day. My husband…not so much. 

Mason is a tummy sleeper and he has full support of his head and neck. Up until yesterday, Mason had been sleeping with us in our bed in the middle every night. I am all for the little baby being there in the beginning, but my biggest fear is having a 5 year old who will not sleep in their own bed. Plus, I am not trying to look up and when a sibling comes along, we now possibly have 4 people in one bed. Uh uh no way! So the week before Christmas, I thought we should give it a go and try! 

I put Mason down for bed around 9pm. He slept just fine till about 12:30am. During this time he went from having his face where I could see in the camera to only seeing his bottom lol (How he shifted so much still baffles me but he didn’t cry so I was not disturbing him!).

How Mason Started in His Crib
How Mason turned Around in His Sleep

I fed and changed him, and his daddy played with him as long as I would allow. When I saw his eyes gettin heavy, I took him back upstairs for bed in his crib around 1am. Daddy had separation anxiety way worse than myself. He was not ready to have his son in another room (He thought about blowing up the air mattress in the nursery so he could be with him through the night smh). With my encouragement, he finally dozed off and let Mason be a big boy. Around 4am, Mason woke up again for feeding and I just let him stay in our room the remainder of the evening. I planned to workout at 6am and he would be with his dad while I was gone. I accidentally overslept so we were 3 to a bed again for a few hours, but this is a work in progress.

During the day, he has been napping in his crib while I monitor him from downstairs. I am proud of my little man. He sleeps just fine and doesn’t whine much when that pacifier falls out his mouth. I was the most worried about having to keep coming to put it back in his mouth all night, but he didn’t need it once he dozed off. 

I will be sure to blog on my progress as we go into the New Year. We will have to sleep together while in TN for the holiday, but when we get back, this journey continues! 

*Sees Mason waking up from his nap* Gotta go!


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