Me Time : Spa and Yoni Steam Treatment at Sanctuary Spa

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I had a birthday not too long ago, and my friends gifted me some services at Sanctuary Spa here in Houston. This past Saturday, I scheduled my 60 Minute Massage and my 1st Yoni Steam Treatment. The week had been long with Mason barely napping during the day and waking up in the middle of the night, so some relaxation and me time was needed! Talk about right on time!

Waiting Relaxation Room

I loved the appearance of the Spa. It is boutique style and nestled in the cut. The staff were all very helpful and accommodating! I felt comfortable to ask any questions I had, and my massage therapist was on point! Since I am a new mom, she focused on neck and shoulders (we tend to bend/hunch over a lot when catering to newborns), back, and feet. I am pretty sure I snored on the table twice lol. Did I mention I have a newborn? Yea, sleep has been optional these past few days.

The Yoni Steam Treatment. I had to give a review on my experience. It was amazing! The spa’s website has the following on info on the Yoni Steam:

Yoni Treatment Room

My friends thought this would be interesting to try since I recently gave birth to a child. Even though I had a C Section, with hormones and all getting back in sync, this was definitely worth trying. It was 30 minutes and while sitting, I read a Vanity Fair article on Michael B. Jordan and sipped champagne.  It was a calm and relaxing environment. The steam was not too hot at all. They had prepared it at the right temperature especially for my first time. When I finished, I felt refreshed and rejuvenated. They had baby wipes to refresh yourself when done cause you basically wear a wrap over you that keeps the steam locked in from the chest down so you get a little sweaty all over. I had done a braidout on my hair so I wore a scarf as  turban so that I could take my hair down later that evening. 

Photo taken while receiving Yoni Steam Treatment
(in need of fill in I know…it had been a long week lol)

  The Yoni Specialist there said that you can have these done as often as you like. Most women come after giving birth and after their menstrual cycle has finished. You cannot do this treatment when you are on your cycle. She also said that your partner will benefit from the moisture and rejuvenation as well. If you were thinking about having one, I highly recommend!

I plan to schedule another one to kick off 2019 too! New year New Yoni Who Dis lol!



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