Mommy Kelz’s Thanksgiving Reflections

My first trip and Thanksgiving as a family of 3! The ups…the downs…and all in between!

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Our first Thanksgiving with my son Mason…so many lessons learned traveling with a child. In theory, we thought 10 days at home would be great for everyone to see Mason and spend time with our families. My husband and I are from the same hometown, so we don’t have to pick which family will see us for what holiday. It’s a blessing and a curse though to be honest.

Packing for a family of three that includes a newborn was NERVE wrecking. A 3 month old not only needs clothes (and by clothes you need 2-3 outfits per day with spit up, blowouts, and messes that can be made), they need bottles, milk to be pumped, and wipes and diapers on the daily. We decided to just buy wipes and diapers for home when we got there. Everything else, we packed! My first time EVER checking 4 suitcases AND a car seat for a flight. 

We also thought it would be a good idea to take the 10 days we are home and split it between our families’ home. We stayed a couple nights at my father in love’s, few nights at my mom’s, and a few nights at my mom in love’s…packing up and unpacking all that luggage at each home was such a hassle. Definitely won’t be doing that again. It was so busy of a day, on Thanksgiving, I did not get a single photo of my little family! We were really trying to please as many people that we could and get Mason around to as many people as we could, but we were so exhausted getting back to Houston. And we STILL didn’t see everyone that we planned to see while home (I promise we will do this better and more efficiently next time.) 

Aside from that, we had soooo many laughs and so many good times while home in West TN. So much good food and celebration of being thankful for family and love (Congrats again to my friend Brittney on her nuptials and my cousin Taylor on her new addition on the way!)

Mason did not have stranger danger at all! He was so sweet and nice meeting everyone for the 1st time (as long as he was fed and changed). He even got to meet his Great Great Grandmother! I am so thankful he will experience generational love on his daddy’s side. My mother is my only living parental, so it is so important he get’s that wisdom from elderly in his life. 

Mason with his Great Great Grandmother Lucy
Mason awaiting visitors while home lol
Mason along with his Great Grandfather, Paw Paw, and Daddy (My husband)

This was also Mason’s first flight! Going to Memphis, he was great! I fed him a bottle when we took off to help with his ears popping, and he watched tv most of the time in the air. He was a smidge cranky right before we landed, but he was sleepy so I put him down for a nap in my lap as we hit the ground. Coming back to Houston, he was very sleepy so he slept the first half of the flight. I started watching the new Bravo show “Dirty John” when my husband taps me to say “Mason has boo boo running down his leg.” My response is “HUH?! Whaaa?” lol I didn’t panic, instead I just got the diaper bag and went to handle biz! I handled it like a real mom! Chile this was one of the times I felt satisfaction in my mother ways! lol Ladies you learn to appreciate ALL the wins small and LARGE! lol

Mason on the way to Memphis
Mason on the way back to Houston

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed reading about mine! I always try to see the positive in all my experiences!


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