My New Home with a touch of Fall

Better Late than Never! Kelz’s Fall Decor is Here for you to see!

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Whelp! Christmas/Winter decor is upon us and I am behind the curve of course! Being a new mom, you get to things when you can OK! My family purchased our first home back  in May, so this was my first year beginning to decorate my house for the seasons/holidays. I never really felt the need to do all that in an apartment cause to me that is temporary living, and I didnt want permanent decor in a temporary setting. Plus, ain’t nobody got time to be spending money every year to make items fit a new space! I have a nice size house, so I tried to focus on downstairs common area ONLY. I will build to my collection with every year and add more rooms as I continue to live lol. First here are my before photos:

Living Room 
Living Room Coffee Table
Dining Room Table

I used Michaels and At Home (Fall Sales were poppin around after Halloween) to add small touches here and there. According to my mom and mom in love “this is a start” lol. So, like I said, this is the beginning of me making my house a Fall Home when the time comes again. Here are my after photos:

Living Room
Shelves in Living Room
Living Room Coffee Table
Front Door Decor

I planned to make a wreath for my door, but between taking care of my child and gearing up for holiday travel, that is still to be continued…

I can now say that I ordered my Christmas Decor today, so I will be working on changing out for that as well as putting up my first tree! My mom is here to help out with my son for a few weeks, so I can really hit the ground running! 

Stay tuned,


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