Labor & Delivery…in the Words of Kelz

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So, I know I am not alone in thinking labor is like the movies with the lady screaming in pain as she pushes her baby into this world. All that sweat and strain…looks like a real live job to get to the end right? WHELP! Ya girl did not have that experience AT ALL! lol Let me get to the deets chile….

As I said in my previous post on my hospital bag, I was admitted to the hospital impromtu on 8/6 due to my blood pressure being high. I couldn’t go home and grab anything, so my husband went and got my hospital bag from home and my mom went and got me a turkey burger and fries as my last supper lol. Only thing done that night was giving me a vaginal insert of medication to help soften the cervix. I was being induced on the 7th.

Tuesday morning (8/7), I was beginning another medication to help kick off contractions. It was administered by IV. That wasn’t bad at all. I have pretty severe menstrual cramps, so my tolerance for pain was pretty good. Around 12:30pm, ish got real. Doctor came in and broke my water. When I tell yall that was the most disgusting feeling I have ever felt in life lol. I could not imagine being out in public or something when that happened! It just kept…on…coming…out. Like will this end! Imagine you peeing on yourself in spurts…warm liquid just coming as it pleases lol. My husband took pics of my reaction smh. My doctor thought I was hilarious to watch lol. I had my nurses cracking up through this whole process. After that water breaks though, contractions become NOTHING and I do mean NOTHING to play with.

With the sac being emptied out, there is no cushion for the contractions. Them bad boys brought me to tears! I commend all you natural birth mothers! There was no way I was going to let those things get any worse than they were at that moment. Good GAWD! So, we got the epidural process going! The medication they use to numb you honestly was the worse part cause it stings. After that, it was smooth sailing. That epidural is the freakin TRUTH! You hear me!! The absolute TRUTH! I was slowly loosing feeling from the waist down till it got to where I was completely numb down there! They had to put a catheter on me to use the rest room and that was SUCH a relief after 2 weeks of peeing around the clock being big as a house. I took a nap cause I had never felt that relaxed and relieved since I had been in the 3rd trimester.

For the rest of the day, the nurse would come check on me and change my positions to help with dilation. I mean I cannot move my body on my own, so somebody had to come move me lol. I was slowly increasing in centimeters, and around 9pm I was at 7-8cm. I was asking the nurse at this point “So uh…you think you could check again around 11:30 so we could have an 8/8 baby?” lol They agreed to come back then. At 11:30, I was still in the 7-8 range so they told me get ready for that 8/8 baby! We went into 8/8 and around 1 something I started to have a fever. The doctor feared that I may pass an infection to the baby so they prepped me for emergency C Section.

I was nervous at first with the idea of them cutting me, but I said a prayer and as they rolled me to the room I felt a sense of peace come over me. I was calm and ready to welcome my son to the world! There were so many people in the room prepping for my labor, lol I finally asked everyone “Hey I am Kelli…I just want to know everyone helping me this morning.” They all laughed and started introducing themselves. I cant remember their names now, but they were very nice! At 2:43am, Mason Parker Adams made his debut! I did not feel a thing, but when the doctor put his body over the sheet for me to see my big chubby baby, the tears started flowing! It was such a great feeling! Women are freakin bomb! We bring children into this world after caring for them for 9+ months….man it is REMARKABLE what we can do as women!

Now that Mason has entered the world…stay tuned for a post on the aftermath of it all…I had to visit Mason in the NICU as well as bring him home with a FRESH circumcision…yall…the journey just keeps getting better!




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