What Was In Your Hospital Bag Kelz?!

I read up on so many things that could go in this hospital bag, but now that I have been there done that, I can share what really mattered! Check out my post!

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Hey folks hey! I am FINALLY able to get some time to release the info from labor and delivery, hopsital stay, and 5 weeks of having a newborn that I absolutely love and adore! I wanted to touch on a few things that I think other moms to be will appreciate or at least want to read.

So I delivered my child at 40 weeks on the dot! I was admitted into the hospital unexpectedly on August 6th due to high blood pressure. Thank goodness I decided to pack my hospital bag around 38 weeks. If you follow me on social media, you KNOW I was determined to have this baby at 38 weeks. For me, towards the end, I just wanted relief lol! I was over being front heavy lol!

My hospital bag! What was in it? What did I actually use? What could I have kept out?

Before I get into it all, please know, I ended up being in the hospital for 5 days due to being admitted to be induced and having an emergency C Section. (I will go into my labor and delivery experience another time lol yall my nurses and doctors could not stop laughing at me!)

  1. Shower flip flops – When you can finally shower, you will want to take one and just like in college or at summer camp, pack you some shower shoes/flip flops so you are not bare foot. I went and got some $1 flip flops from Old Navy.
  2. Toiletries – Toothbrush/toothpaste, face wash, contact lense solution, whatever you need to groom and get yourself together everyday
  3. Nursing Sleepwear – The hospital gowns are fine and all for the moment but once your child gets here, if you are choosing to breastfeed, it helps to have nursing clothes ready. Whether you latch or pump (my baby was in the NICU for 3 days so I had to pump to get breast milk to him), it just makes life a little easier and you don’t have to get top naked to do the job.
  4. House shoes/socks – Hospitals have these socks you can walk on the floor with but they have no elasticity. Mine kept falling off my feet. And after birth, I was so swollen from the waist down, you want to make sure house shoes or socks fit swollen feet. I got these slides with fur on them and couldn’t even get my feet in them bad boys to walk around in!
  5. Cellphone chargers/Electronics – You want to be able to capture all the moments and keep yourself occupied as you await the arrival of your little one. I had to be induced then had a C section so it extended my time in the hospital. We had a camera with rechargeable batteries, my iPad and headphones to watch my shows that were not available on hospital cable, and cell phone chargers.
  6. Regular clothes – You will need an outfit to go home in and an outfit to lounge in while still at the hospital. When I was able to shower finally, I wanted comfy shorts and nursing top or bra on and to feel comfortable.
  7. Babies go home outfit – Pack something to take the baby home in. I had like 3 options (short sleeve onesie, long sleeve onesie, personalized onesie) lol I know…a little overboard
  8. Room to take stuff home – Once your baby is born, the hospital will have diapers, wipes, and more for you to use while there. Take advantage of that! They will come restock everyday so empty it out to take home. My son was in the NICU so we didn’t get to fully rack up, but NICU nurses gave us what they could when we were discharged.
  9. Snacks – Since you are very limited on what you can have once things get on and poppin, you may want to pack snacks for after that you like. I could have capri suns while in labor cause it is clear liquid. I had a box of those with me. After delivery I also had ICE Sparkling water to drink I brought with me to avoid sodas.

I think this about covers it. I was surprised at how much I didn’t need to bring cause the hospital had it all. I saw lists that said bring snacks, but hospital has cafeteria and snack stands so we were straight outside of what I brought above. I went back and forth on bringing my own pump with me, but I ended up using the hospital’s pump in my room. They allowed me to take the parts home with me. Insurance should cover the usage. I packed sanitary napkins only to get there and the hospital had these big huge ones to wear so SAVE yours for when you get home. I am 5 weeks post partum and I just started using my own supply last week. (Oh yeah, post delivery, expect aunt flo to straight move in…she visiting for like 5 weeks give or take).

Hope this helps mom to be and moms to come! Next up! Blog on my Labor Experience and what I knew and didn’t know to expect!


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