To My Unborn Son…

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To my precious unborn son Mason Parker Adams,

Where has the time gone!??! 38 weeks has approached and the reality is starting to settle in that I will be a mommy in 2 weeks …well unless you decide to come early! As the time for your arrival gets nearer, I find myself constantly questioning my future as a mother. Am I ready? Do I know what to do when you cry? Will you like me? Will I like you? Will we become best friends immediately? I have never felt so scared yet so anxious before in my life…I know perfection is not a realistic goal, but deep down, I want to be perfect for you! The thought of your arrival brings me to tears at times! I keep praying for a calm and courageous spirit and mindset to prepare for motherhood. I have taken all the parenting classes and that has eased the anxiety I had about changing your diaper, knowing when you are not feeling well, not freaking out when I cant stop pee from going everywhere while changing you, and how to handle your first blow out lol! Your MeMe will be here to coach me through it and your Gma is a phone call away to make sure I am using all the skills I have learned, but that “Mommy instinct” should kick in in 5…4…3…2…1…wait for it lol.

The crazy thing is through all of this, I have this feeling that we will figure this thing out together. If I got you, I know you will have me and that’s all that matters. I know you won’t be hard on me when I make mistakes because you know I am trying my best and this is our first time doing life together. I cannot wait to meet you and see your precious little face that will look to me for guidance in so many ways. I look forward to pouring into you all the knowledge and life lessons I have gained. I already think about the days when you will be liking girls like man you are going to be a little gentleman! Chivalry will NOT be dead when you are around! I gotta put you up on game and how these young girls be thinkin too! Between your daddy and I, I know you will have all the major keys of life!

I have finished your room and my hospital bag is packed and ready for your debut. You haven’t given me much pain in this last stretch, and I thank you for that! I mean true enough you love to put pressure on my bladder and make me pee every 10 minutes, but I get my steps in! I have not gotten the best sleep these days, but that is expected when you arrive as well so no biggie! I just want you to take your time and come out whenever you are ready. If you want to come early, momma is not complaining honey! I am doing everything I can on my end to help you with making your decision to come sooner rather than later, but we shall see when you want to say hey lol!

I love you Mason! Can’t wait to make memories and enjoy being the Queen of this Adams Household with my two men!




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