Dis Pregnancy Right Here Man…

I am literally in the last stretch! Less than 3 weeks till my due date and man oh man can it not come soon enough! In my Keyshia Cole voice, I just want it to be oveeeeeeeer! : )


Man! Where has the time gone!?! Yesterday made 37 weeks that I have been tracking the growth of a small being inside my body. I am still taken aback when I think about how this all came to be and what all is about to come! It has been a while since I have blogged on my journey as a whole with pregnancy. I can honestly say this was not a horrid experience. That means a LOT coming from me, cause my peeps know that if I couldn’t get jiggy with any aspect of this…Mason would for sure without a shadow of a doubt be an only child OKUURT! lol Now, don’t get it twisted! These last few weeks have been a struggle like no other, but it’s an expected struggle with being uncomfortable, heavy, irritable, and miserable especially in this Houston Heat! I drink water like there is no tomorrow and there is an abundance of moles! Anytime I leave the house, I cannot go anywhere without someone pointing out to me the obvious!

“Whew girl you are about to pop!”

“When are you due?!?”

“I know you are ready honey!”

“I know you are hot in this heat girl!”

Tell me something I don’t know lol! Being pregnant had its cute, warm, and fuzzy moments, but at this point, eviction papers are prepared and ready! lol The constant going to the bathroom every 10-15 minutes has warn out its welcome. The tossing and turning trying to get comfortable in bed is at an all time high. I feel like my lack of sleep mixed with hormones is overflowing into my productivity and tolerance during the day. These hormones…LAWD these hormones. I have it bad do you hear me! I have to keep preaching to myself that this is mental. This is only temporary. You really aren’t that pissed that somebody ate your last Poptart. You really aren’t that sad that you can’t remember what someone said to you. That movie you have seen a million times did not just all of a sudden bring you to tears at one of the most random points! In the last week alone, I have cried twice and I have no freakin clue why! I guess I am just over it lol! My husband has tried to be there as much as he can, but I find myself getting snappy with him! These hormones do not discriminate round here! “Can I do anything to make it better?” “Yeah can you carry this baby the rest of the way for me please!?!” Woosah! We are ALMOST there!!! It is almost over! lol

As of now, my official last day of work is August 1st before 24 weeks of maternity leave/time off go into effect. If Mason decides to come sooner, WHOO HOOO! But with my due date being August 8th, I thought a week would be good to relax and prepare with my feet up and my mommy here locked and loaded waiting on her first grandbaby! Yall may not care if KeKe loves Drake but ya girl bout to be KeKeing this baby right on out if he don’t come on! lol

Pray for me yall! I am almost done with another first in my life…Pregnancy!

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