Mason’s Nursery

It may have been 8 days later than my deadline, but Mason’s Nursery has finally come ALL the way together! Wanna see all my decor and where to get it?! Check out my blog post! I had so much fun with this!


With a baby, came a house and a nursery that I had free reign to decorate and make my own…well Mason’s own lol. When I thought about Mason’s Nursery, I immediately wanted boy colors of course. I was for sure set on Navy being a primary color. My husband’s favorite color is blue and our wardrobe has quite a bit of Navy in it.  My husband mentioned silver, so I let him have gray/silver even though I was leaning towards gold as an accent color. When the painters came, I told them give me 3 gray walls and 1 navy wall for my main focal point.


I am a Delta! Elephants was the most I planned to do if there was an animal theme or option in this room. I knew he could have that piece of me and it still look masculine and fit in a boy nursery. I found this great décor collection on BuyBuy Baby website that was an Elephant Bedding Indigo Set.


God is good! My crib was a gift from a Soror that I am FOREVER grateful for! It set the tone for white pieces in the room. I went with a Dresser with a Changing Table and a Bookshelf.  My Rocker was the only thing I chose to do in Gray instead as it was furniture. I mean what I look like feeding and raising a newborn in a white rocker?! Spit up and all may be everywhere lol! For wall art, Etsy was my friend! I found this Name Decal that I had customized to be “Mason Parker,” this Elephant Wall Art that I had framed, and I had this Navy Nursery Wall Art put on canvas to go on a wall as well. His Playmat came from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I thought it was going to be all one gray, but it arrived being two grays. It worked!


Everything else in the nursery were gifts from our registry and showers! Shout out to my Linesisters/Friends Chelsea and Brooke for my Pack and Play! Mason’s bookshelf is filled with books from loved ones as we specified that we would like shower guests to bring books instead of cards. My mom even had my sister and I’s old childhood books stored for me to put in his nursery as well! This wall is still bare, but it will have maternity photos on it and newborn photos on it blown up once they are here! Ya girl got a plan! lol


I gave myself a deadline of July 1st to get this room done, but that was me being optimistic lol! This was so much fun decorating and I am so thankful my husband did not interfere too much besides being a trooper in putting all this stuff together. I knew he would do anything for his lil man so I had to milk him while I could : ) Thanks for reading!



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