20 Weeks Down…20 Weeks to Go

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20 Weeks! I have officially finished the 20 Week mark of this pregnancy. I am half way through this miraculous blessing God saw fit to bestow upon me!

Besides my fibroid scare and pain (which has decreased in size Hallelujah!), this has probably has been my favorite time of this pregnancy thus far. The beginning of the magical 2nd trimester. My OBGYN calls it magical lol. A feeling of normalcy is so appreciated after you have felt like crap for a while. I clearly was taking those moments for granted! Of course with that feeling came me thinking that I can go back to my regular routine! I tried to go back to my Saturday morning run club a few weeks ago, and ya girl hit the pavement! Lol Yea Kelz took a tumble in a slow jog! I caught myself and landed on my hands and knees more so than my stomach (I was real live cut up too! It was a little gravel patch where I fell smh), but it basically showed me this new top heavy weight in front of me was going to cause me to be good and clumsy. Even going to see Black Panther for the 2nd time (Wakanda Forever!) one weekend, I almost fell coming down the stairs and nothing LITERALLY nothing was in my way LOL! This gave me and my husband concern, so with the fibroid pain and these occurrences, I had to get a note from my doctor saying I am allowed to do low impact workouts! One that I have tried to be consistent with has been walking in the park. It gives me some fresh air after working from home all day, and the trails are 2 miles and up so I am walking a good distance. I plan to incorporate some squats and arm exercises with low weight as well. I just need to establish a routine post Easter!

I also found the key to successful sleep! People! Pregnancy Pillows! Those thangs are freakin clutch! I saw so many variations, but this U shaped pillow has been the difference between a toss and turn and a restful slumber for me!


I got it off Amazon (Prime is a MAJOR key!), and I highly recommend to pregnant women. Now it does create a fortress between my husband and I, but with all this going on ova here…He will be aight! Lol

Maternity clothes have become more of a necessity as well. As the baby grows, this belly is getting its poke on as you can see! I was very hesitant to go shopping for a lot of items simply because I didn’t want to get things to fit my early sign belly. Like what if I blow ALL the way up in 3rd trimester and the clothes I bought early on are too tight or no longer fit? So a friend of mine (Renee for the win!!! Girl you STAY coming through with ideas) as well as a few mommy friends of mine suggested the following hacks:

-Wear your jeans from pre-pregnancy and put a hair tie in the hole and around the button

Rubberband Trick.PNG

-Pre-pregnancy flowy dresses can be worn as shirts with leggings (My dresses are still appropriate as dresses but eventually I can see them becoming shirts)

-Baggy/Flowy shirts are still fair game till they feel otherwise

-You can buy regular clothes a few sizes too big and have them tailored post pregnancy

-Maxi dresses still look cute with a belly


-Leggings stretch but be mindful they may be stretched out when you go back to pre-pregnancy size

Now I have gone to Motherhood Maternity and Macys and gotten a few staples (dresses, maternity bras, maternity nightgown, leggings, tanks long enough to cover my belly, and shirts). The cool thing about maternity clothes is you buy them in the size you wear pre-pregnancy and they are made to grow with you as you grow! I was wearing mediums, but I actually went for a large cause the way my body is set up…a case of “booty do” is prominent but it won’t be too far behind at this rate LOL!

This about wraps up my 20 week milestone experience! Baby registries, maternity shoots, and nursery decor are on the horizon! If you have any pointers or suggestions for the rest of the pregnancy as I prepare for the final stretch soon, feel free to comment below.

Till next time,





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