Product Review: Eco Styler Gold Gel


I saw that Eco Styler had debuted a new Gold Gel during the Bronner Brothers Hair Show Weekend in Atlanta. People were able to buy from vendors there, and I was dying to get my hands on it. It took a while, but they finally made it available for sale online ( before having it available in select Beauty Supply stores. I was a little hesitant to purchase as it was $18 online for a size I normally would probably pay no more than $6 for in the stores, but I really was in the hype! A gel with Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Black Castor Oil, and Flaxseed??? The revolution needs to be televised!

20180322_182755.jpgI finally received my package, and I mussled up the energy to do a wash and go! It is, of course, my go to style of choice, and I was long over due for a wash! So without further ado, here is my product review!


I liked the gold look of the packaging. The style of the jar was not too different from other Eco Styler Gels. I like how they have converted to the flip pop top rather than unscrew top. Makes for easier access to use.

Product Appearance

The Gold gel has specs of gold in it. It reminds me of the Black Castor Oil and Flaxseed Gel with the glitter look and a better smell. It smells good in comparison to the Olive Oil or Argon Oil Gels that I consistently use.

Product Texture

The Gold gel has a looser texture than other staple gels in their brand. They all have a 10 hold, but this one feels a little more water based. It is not as thick as other gels, and it could be the different oils it contains. It also is not as sticky as the other gels of the brand. To me, sticky means great hold, so this concerned me a little on the definition of my curls in the end.

Product Application

I only use 2 products when doing a wash and go, a leave in conditioner spray and Eco Styler. While applying the Gold gel, I felt that I was having to use more product to truly feel like every curl was coated. I was finding myself wanting the same feel and look as when I use other gels, so in order to have that, more product had to be applied root to end. Once applied though it had good slip and there were not any sections tangled or anything. Here is a video on my application of the gel:

Final Results

Day 1


I must say that my Day 1 hair was probably the softest and biggest my wash and go has ever been. There was less definition, but I loved the fullness.

Day 2


Day 2 was still soft and full. I had to touch up the sheen a little cause to me it looked a little dry. I always keep an everyday oil for use when I fluff and prep my hair for the day. I use the banding method to preserve my hair at night.

By Day 4, I was ready to reinvent my hair, so I did the half up style.


I am used to getting 9+ days out of my wash and goes, but this one was ready for attention after Day 3. Based on the feel of my hair, it would definitely stay in my rotation, but I am prepared for it not to last as long as other gels.

If you have tried or are planning to try please let me know how it works for you!! Thanks for reading!



2 comments on “Product Review: Eco Styler Gold Gel”

  1. My wash and go would never last long. My hair would instantly get dry. So if it didn’t last long for you that has me worried. Lol thanks for the review! I was definitely thinking about purchasing.


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