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My first pregnancy scare. I thought about waiting to reflect it in my 2nd trimester highlights, but being fresh in I did not want to wait. Plus, it may help someone with a similar situation or symptom, so no better time than the present right? Here goes!

February 23rd. I had set my alarm to get up and go to 6am workout, but I woke up to some slight cramping. It was tolerable, but I did not want to push it further by working out, so I skipped 6am workout out Friday. I was not spotting so I knew no miscarriage, but yall know what we do the moment we experience something…YEP you guessed it…Google it LOL! It brought up the term “ligament pain” which is basically a normal pain expected in pregnancy as your uterus stretches and organs move around to make room for the baby baking. After reading that and consulting with a few mommy and mommy to be friends (thanks ladies for the reassurance of Google), I self-diagnosed and went on with my day. I ended the night with dinner and a movie with girlfriends, and rested as best I could for Saturday.

February 24th. I woke up with a more intense cramp. I still saw no spotting or bleeding of any sort, so I carried on with my day. We went house hunting, and by the last house of the day (we saw 6 houses total Saturday afternoon), I felt the pain hitting me even harder. I could barely stand up for a long period without a sharp pain hitting me in my uterus. We hit Target to get games (me and hubby wanted to do movie/game night at home) and Pappadeaux to get Dinner to go, and as the night went on it got even more intense! I called the on call doctor for my OB-GYN office, and they instructed me to drink water as I may be dehydrated from the day, and see if that settles the cramps. My Linesister Nurse AJ said the same thing as I knew I hadn’t really drank a lot of water that day. I drank a fourth of a gallon in probably an hour and a half, and all it did was make me go to the bathroom every 5 minutes while experiencing crucial cramping. I ran a hot bath to relax my muscles, and that helped momentarily, but it wouldn’t be long for the pain to come back when I got out. I tried to go to bed that evening around 10:30 or 11:00pm, and from there it was all she wrote!

February 25th @ 4:07am. I had enough. I did not fall asleep really, and the pain had gotten even worse spreading from just the middle area to my right area as well. I needed relief. I felt tears coming to my eyes at this moment. I called the on call doctor again and told her this cannot be normal and I want to go to the emergency room. I could not take it anymore, and she said if it will give you comfort and it is to the point of no tolerance then go ahead and go. I would not be able to go to Labor and Delivery cause that requires you to be at least 20 weeks. I was only 16 weeks pregnant. I knew it was too early for contractions and even though there was still no spotting or bleeding of any sort, I had to go. I wanted to see the baby was fine and this pain was not affecting him. I also wanted to see what the heck was causing all this pain! So I nudged my husband and we were off to the hospital!

I got to the emergency room and there was no wait THANK THE LORD! Malcolm and I went back to a room and I gave the usual urine sample and prepared to give blood. The ER Nurse stuck me in my weak arm. I tried to tell her the left arm is the strong arm, but she insisted on poking the right. Vein came up empty and it hurt! So she came to the left and BOOM we had a winner! She got my IV started and fluids along with good ole Morphine was administered to help with the pain. I finally could doze off and not feel the pain while I waited on an ultrasound (there was an hour wait for radiology).  When I got to the ultrasound, the radiologist wouldn’t disclose much to me (by law she can’t share what she is seeing with me), but I was able to see my baby with his arms up chillin look good and comfy like he was not phased that mommy couldn’t sleep lol. That gave me comfort. She also started measuring these black spaces as well.

The ER doctor came back with the results. I was having so much pain due to a 4 – 5 cm fibroid on my uterus. As I experienced growth and movement for the baby, the fibroid was getting aggravated and causing a ruckus all up AND THROUGH my uterus! The doctor assured me that the baby is not impacting it, but it will need to be monitored to watch the size as I grow. I had an appointment scheduled with my OBGYN the next morning, so I took a copy of all my results and the ER sent over the info as well. I went home with no prescription for pain…just relief in that moment. I had to get through Sunday on my own to get to my appointment Monday.

February 26th. Had a 9:15am appointment and I was waiting on some relief at any minute. My Doctor came in knowing I was not a happy camper, and she explained to me that the increased blood supply to the baby did not discriminate giving the fibroid blood as well. This caused it to act up and give me the discomfort and pain that I could not understand. Yall if felt like a CONTRACTION (as if I have ever felt one)! I have never experienced something so intense till then! But she said while she wouldn’t prescribe it in the 1st or 3rd trimester, she could prescribe me a strong dose of ibuprofen to take for 5-7 days to decrease the inflammation of the fibroid which would stop the pain. She said it is ok to take ibuprofen in the “magical” 2nd trimester. Ibuprofen is definitely on the No list for pregnant women, but if my Doctor said it was safe to take and it would stop the pain…I was NOT going to say no! She called it in, and I went straight to the pharmacy to get my 1st dose! It was the relief I needed!!! AMEN AMEN AMEN!

February 27th. I slept through the night FINALLY! I woke up feeling refreshed and no pain! Such a difference from Friday morning to now! Now that I know what is going on in my body, I have a peace of mind knowing it is not hindering the growth of my child. The protective maternal instinct kicked in! I didn’t know when it would, but it has! Even in pain, all I could think of was if we were enduring it together. In this moment, well moments, I saw the first few glimpses of God showing me he is preparing me in his way and on his time.

I read something the other day that has not left me. God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called. I received that so much more after experiencing this scare.

Till next time,


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