Kelz Keeps It Real : First Trimester


First Trimester. I thought it was the first 12 weeks, but my Pregnancy App of Choice “Baby Center” informed me that 13 weeks is actually the conclusion of the 1st trimester. Any who, that chapter has closed for me and I wanted to share my experience, and maybe some lessons learned or things I wish I knew that I found out after I wrapped up the first 3rd of this pregnancy!

December 2nd, 2017! I went to a cousin’s baby shower and sipped a Moscow Mule when it hit me that I was 2 days late. I leaned over and whispered to my husband, and his immediate response was “We don’t have to wonder, we going to Walgreens when we leave here.” My body is like clock work. I normally expect my cycle on the dot and if it’s off I would usually chalk it up to stress or strenuous workouts, but this time around it just felt different ya know? We got home and took not one but 2 tests only to see two good ole “Yes +”


I had a birthday dinner to attend that evening (lol Shoutout to Danita!), so that was the last day of me drinking alcohol. If I knew it was going to be the last, I probably would have opted for something a little stronger than a Moscow Mule! But it is what it is! The pic below was taken at the birthday dinner which is the day I knew I had something a brewing!


First things first! When you find out you are pregnant, the 1st thing to do is schedule an appointment with your OB-GYN to get a doctor confirmation of what your at home test revealed. I don’t know much about a false positive besides that episode of Girlfriends when Joan had one, but attending my doctor appointment made it very real for me! You are not far along enough to do a traditional ultrasound, but they can do a vaginal one and instantly see the “sac” that will be the home for your growing baby! From there, they give you samples of prenatal vitamins, and the countdown begins!

In my first 12 well 13 weeks:

  • While I was encouraged to continue my normal routine of fitness, I was nervous about keeping my workouts intense. I took a break from weights and all. I tried to walk as a substitute of some kind of activity, but the way my pregnancy was set up, I didn’t have much energy to do anything extra. Luckily, lack of exercise didn’t hurt me too much. I only gained maybe 1 or 2 lbs mainly due to lack of appetite.
  • I was soooo freakin exhausted! I had 3 weeks off for the holidays just because, and I literally spent the whole time sleeping or laid out on a couch cause I felt nauseous. While home in TN, I slept till noon almost every day. It felt like everything was just entirely too much. People that know me, know that I am always down to shoot to Memphis and make my rounds of seeing people and catching up, but this break was probably the 1st that I had no desire to go anywhere but couch and bed. The one time I tried to ride in the car with my mom while running errands, I was in tears cause I was in the back seat feeling like I could throw up at any minute. That day I learned, front seat or driving only for me. Back seats made me feel so awful!
  • Food cravings are real! When I could eat, I was wanting flamin Hot Cheetos, Chili Cheese Burritos, Spud Maxes (no olives) from McAlister’s with 3 pickle spears and Chicken Tortilla Soup, and I even had a week straight of wanting Wendy’s Chili and Chicken Nuggets! I had not had Wendy’s in years!!! But when the urge to eat hit me I took advantage cause it did not happen too often which leads me to my next point…
  • Nausea was a staple in my pregnancy, but vomiting was not! I did not have morning sickness, I had all day sickness. The icky feeling that things just are not settling, but I only had a vomit experience one time! Superbowl Sunday! I had honey almond oatmeal with reduced sugar almond milk and vanilla coffee (I am allowed 1 cup of coffee a day) with hazelnut creamer (I think that liquid creamer had been sitting for a while). I took 2 small sips of my coffee and it just did not taste right so I poured it out. I got maybe 5 spoonfuls of oatmeal and I could not stomach eating the rest. From there, it went ALL THE WAY left. Baby did NOT like that combo at all and rejected it completely! I spent the afternoon in the bed and only making moves to the restroom. So, while yall were enjoying the superbowl and fellowshipping with friends and family, ya girl was laid out on the couch sipping a smoothie from Smoothie King and praying it would stay down with the Superbowl on. I am thankful that was the only time, and I pray it was my first and last lol.
  • One of the biggest adjustments for me was remembering to consult a physician before taking any medications. Anytime I felt something odd, I am the one that runs to the medicine to address the symptom. I felt a cold coming and went and got Mucinex for Sinuses and EmergenC packets only to later on see that I can only have original strength Mucinex (no D, DM, no extra letters) and no Vitamin C supplements. I can only take regular strength Tylenol for pain or fever. Pretty much had to restock my supply with pregnancy safe medicine. Thank God for my linesister Nurse AJ! She was always a phone call away to tell me Hell no you can’t take that lol. So! When you aren’t sure with any medications, if you are expecting, make sure it won’t harm the situation going on in your body.

I think that about wraps it up on highlights! I didn’t start noticing any bump activity until maybe 11 weeks or so. Jeans were feeling a little tighter at 10 weeks, but this pic revealed a little bit more:

Disclaimer: I may have taken that 13 week pic after a meal lol!

Thanks for reading!


2 comments on “Kelz Keeps It Real : First Trimester”

  1. LOVE THIS!!! And again, welcome to the MOB!!! I remember wanting only spice and savory foods while pregnant with my boys. Keep you some strong mints close by, like altoids. They help with nausea. Keep the updates coming!!!


    1. Thanks for reading!! I am smacking on a pickle as I type lol!! I have wanted salty fried spice and savory the entire time! No sweets really besides Chick fil A Cookies N Cream milkshakes and Bluebell Cookie Dough or Cookies N Cream ice cream lol! Thanks for the tips!


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