Don’t Call It A Comeback! Issa Testimony!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope everyone plans to enjoy the day however they see fit. Different strokes for different folks, so whatever floats your boat, I hope it’s great! I have been MIA on the blog journey, and I kept giving the excuse of LIFE. So much has transpired in my life here in this time away, and I kept using it all as an excuse to deter from my goals. Whelp! Today I did a refresh and revamp, and decided to make this blog more of a day in the life type thing. So many new joys and experiences that I have grown from and am growing from! I figured why not document this and share it with the world!

First and foremost, I just recently announced that I am expecting my 1st child!


Today makes 15 weeks officially (almost 4 months) and I am in the 2nd trimester. This journey has been full of ups and downs…nausea and all, but the end result will be a healthy beautiful baby BOY! Yep I’m having a BOY! Lol I wanted a boy my 1st go round with motherhood, so I am very happy that God thought the same for me! Speaking of my Lord and Savior, I wanted to share just how I got to this moment, and how it was nothing but his timing with all this….here goes!

For those who don’t know, my marriage had a rocky beginning! The 1st year was not picture perfect, and I really did not know if it was for me. I tried my best to remain faithful and prayerful, but there were some days that I really simply felt defeated. It is so true that when God has something major for you in store, Satan can sense it and will try his hardest to keep you from what lies ahead. My marriage felt like such an easy target for him to come and try to destroy what I truly felt was in God’s plan. Now, with prayer, persistence, counseling, reading the Word, and seeking God in our marriage and as an individual, I can say that our storm was truly for a bigger purpose! Texas doesn’t legally honor separation, but it was safe to say we went from being separated, to rebuilding and fighting for our marriage full strength. True enough, there are good days and bad days, but marriage is expected to be that way. It’s not perfection, and it certainly isn’t skittles and rainbows. The rocky times showed me that Marriage is really waking up every day and choosing one another despite what happened last night, despite what will happen, and despite what else is out there. It is an investment before God that can reap such amazing rewards and blessings if you put in the time and work to sustain and nurture it. I encourage those of you thinking about marriage in your relationship to truly evaluate what you are willing to do to make your marriage work…compromise, communication, and come to Jesus! Premarital counseling gives you a guide and a foundation of what it should look like, but ain’t nothing like living in it and that good ole on the job training in marriage! Lol I thought I was ready and able, but God definitely slapped me with some humility real quick!

OK! So NOW! With my marriage making a comeback and getting back on the right track, it felt like life was starting to come together. When we got our priorities in order and put God 1st in our marriage, so much clarity and purpose came with it. I started looking into other areas of my life, and seeking God to restore the desires of my heart. I think since the summer of 2017 I had begun research within my firm to find a great position for myself internally. I had been in the client serving side of business since graduating college, and while I truly enjoy meeting clients and my coworkers from all over the country, I felt that it was time for me to find something that truly aligned with my passion and life goals that I had made for myself. I got caught up in my personal life for a second and had put my professional life on the backburner in priorities. I started interviewing for roles in June 2017, and after several phone interviews, emails, one on one conversations, and reaching out hoping for a response, I got offered a great role in December! I had been looking and getting declined for roles for almost 6 months before God said it was time! I could have easily got discouraged and unmotivated after the first 2 or 3 no’s, but being optimistic and trusting Him, I knew that it was merely “I got something better in store for you, just be patient.” Who knew that God was preparing me for motherhood!

Fast forward to present day, February 14th, 2018. I am in a new role in Finance for my firm that is 100% virtual. I work from home every day (or coffee shop and office if I choose) and I support the firm’s Business Planning and Analysis. It gives me the flexibility to get my work done and make a schedule that allows me to workout and prepare for my son! This was nobody but GOD! He knew the plans he had for me, and I cannot thank Him enough. When God gives you a test, you have to share the testimony that comes from it. I am proof that weeping may endure for a night or some nights, but joy comes in the morning. Last year had its share of trials and tribulations and the Devil thought he had me and my marriage, but God’s grace, mercy, and favor wouldn’t let me fail!

What better way to revamp my blog than to start with a good ole Praise Report! God gets all the glory! I am so full of love and thanks! Stay tuned! Life keeps happening and I will keep on typing!



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    1. Hey girl hey!! Thank you soooo much! Please keep me in your prayers honey! I’m accepting all the love and support I can get these days! Hope all is well with you and yours! Thank you for always reading my blog posts!

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