Are You Running in the Right Shoe?

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In a previous post, I wanted to run 15 miles a week. I soon learned that putting that kind of activity on your feet will yield some pain I could have easily avoided had I had on the right shoes. I have been experiencing pain in the arch (or lack thereof) area and shins. A few friends and my husband recommended that I take a trip to Fleet Feet!

Fleet Feet

Fleet Feet Sports has four locations here in Houston with a 5th one on the way soon in Katy. They are known for their specialized “FIT Process” that includes having you run on a treadmill and use video of your feet to indicate the need for your feet based on footage at feet level.

I went in and explained that I have been a treadmill runner, but I am wanting more outdoor activity with my runs and I notice that my feet are just not comfortable in Nikes for long periods of time on the treadmill. I have flat feet, always have since I was little. I remember as a kid being called duck feet and everything lol. Either way, the moment they watched my footage, Jerry, my sales person, saw immediately my Nike Free Knits had no stability on the inner sides causing me to have pain. So, my area of shoe needed was easily diagnosed as “Stability” and this was my section of shoes!

From here, I was guided on level of cushion, gel, and brand of shoes. I knew it was bye bye to cute Nike and Adidas shoes, and hello to Asics and Brooks. If I plan to take this running thing serious, I need to put comfort over style. Also! Big game changer for me was the size of my shoe! Running in a shoe you need more room for movement. My true to size 8 was doing me a disservice in itself. Ya girl got a 9.5 in shoe for running! I was amazed at the difference I felt running in my new shoes to try them out in the store. Who knew you need bigger shoes to run! Another thing I love about Fleet Feet is the 60 day guarantee. They allow you to go out and try the shoes in action, and if you experience any problems, come back and reevaluate!

I walked away with a pair of Asics Insignia!


August brings new month, new goals, and oh so many new challenges. My friend and I have committed to running 10 miles a week so I have an accountability partner! With the right shoe, right goal, and right running buddy, this should be a great month for running! This past Saturday was my first run with the ZFT Run Club! Running through 3rd Ward every Saturday morning at 8am! If you are around, join us at Emancipation Park! All levels are welcomed!

IMG1886580760 (1)

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