Cookin’ with Kelz! Vegetarian Style!

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Hey there!! It is POST July 4th! Whew! Had to enjoy the time off and the lovely 4 day weekend! There was not a whole lot of progress on the losing weight front…yeah just cause I wasn’t eating meat doesn’t mean I didn’t eat french fries, onion rings, hot fries…hot fries…oh did I mention hot fries lol but I plan to get back on the running and eating right July 10th!

So I did not do progress pics, but I did put together a vegetarian alfredo recipe! It taste amazing and has no meat!!


1 bell pepper (I used yellow, but it is really whatever your preference is)

1 yellow onion

Spinach (how ever much to your liking…I did like 4 handfuls)

Pack of Mushrooms (I got the small package at Kroger of small mushrooms)


Supergreens Veggie Pasta (It is green and consists of Kale, spinach, and Zucchini)


2 Jars of Alfredo Sauce (I did 1 Bertolli Mushroom Alredo and 1 Four Cheese Alfredo)


Boil water in a pot for veggie pasta

Coat a skillet with olive oil

Cut up the onion, bell pepper, and mushrooms and saute in the skillet

Add spinach after everything has cooked for about 7 or 8 minutes

Season with onion powder, garlic powder, minced garlic, tony’s seasoning with no salt added, pepper, and a sprinkle of salt

Once water is boiling, add pasta and a little salt in water and let boil for 10-12 minutes

Drain noodles and put dry noodles back in pot and add your veggie mix to the pot

Add the alfredo and mix together with the stove on a low setting

Let simmer for about 10 minutes so everything blends

Viola! You are done!

I am always looking to try new recipes so please feel free to send me some good ones! I apologize for the lack of inspiration on the fitness journey, but we all fall off the wagon…the most important thing is getting back up! Hope you all had a great holiday! With progress pics comes my routine for my amazing wash n go! Summertime curlz!!


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