Let’s Talk About Meat Bay Bee…or not…

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Life with no meat!! Let’s talk about it!

Alright! I am 10 days into this Vegetarian life and I must say it has not been a drastic life adjustment. While I have not felt an increasing difference in energy,  my digestion has improved a lot. I don’t feel like anything is sitting on me or giving me that itis feeling like before.  For the 1st week, I kept my meals pretty simple and tried my best not to resort from my meal plan. Snacks at work are usually a handful of sour gummy bears or plantain or banana chips, but definitely did not have a craving for meat until the weekend. I thought about a Chick Fil A sandwich or some Raising Cane’s lol.

So, for next week, I am doing my quinoa casserole but with broccoli and added more fruit to the beginning of my day. I know I originally THOUGHT 6 days a week of running 3 miles was doable, but the way my Leg and Upper body Days are set up! After Monday and Tuesday, I can barely move come Wednesday let alone push out 3 miles lol! So needless to say that will be a rest/recovery day and one day in the weekend is a rest day on the miles. I was very proud of myself running 15 miles this week!! I remember when ONE MILE used to get my weak and weary…BUT GOD! Won’t HE do it! Yes He will!!


Now to the progress pics!! I am down to 151lbs! 4 lbs in a week…I will take that! Well maybe in 10 days since I weighed myself on the 15th, but EITHER WAY!


Today starts a new week…new goals…more miles to run! Let’s Go! I challenge you all to set some fitness goals this week and demolish them! Health is Wealth!


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