Let’s Push This a Little Further…


I am exactly 4 days away from June 15th! That whole May = no social media thing? Yea I went and got the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and wanted so bad to see everything with my new screen and new camera and new features (The phone is the truth you hear me!) that I got wrapped right back up in social media! Satan knows how to tempt ya with a good time I tell ya! So! I took it a step further and deleted all my apps off my phone. No way no how oh not right now! lol

I know I have been gone for a while from the blog front. Life happens and that’s ok. I just recently got back from a work conference, and it was my last hoorah of eating what I wanted when I wanted and not having one single care in the world about it! I have been doing some research, and I have decided on a challenge for myself. Competition prep mode will begin for me June 15th!!!

My goal is to give it my all from June 15th to July 31st. I am taking this time to push myself and get this final bit of weight off to actually pick a show and build muscle. So what am I planning to do?!? Oh I thought you would never ask! lol My schedule will be as follows:

Monday – 6am workout with trainer (Leg Day) and 3 miles of running

Tuesday – 6am workout with trainer (Arm Day) and 3 miles of running

Wednesday – Rest Day from trainer and 6am 3 miles of running

Thursday – 6am workout with trainer (Leg Day) and 3 miles of running

Friday – rest day from trainer and 6am 3 miles of running

Saturday – 3 miles of running and 12pm workout with trainer

Sunday – Rest from everything!

This will give me 18 miles a week in running for cardio and strength training and cardio with my trainer! My 6am workouts are fasted cardio, and my running will either be done before workout at 530am or after work in the afternoons/late evenings. To be ready for competition prep and to get the results I want for the stage, I first need to get rid of stubborn fat! My body has slimmed down quite a bit as you have seen, but my BMI is still relatively high. My goal is by July 31st, I am 135 lbs! At that point, we picking a date and competition is about to be ON AND POPPIN!

Aside from workout, I have a new thing I want to try! This time frame will also be my time to be…vegetarian! I will not eat meat for the duration of this workout regimen. Protein will have to come from another source! I have heard no meat really gives you energy and you feel so much better going without it. Lawd knows I love me some good ole swine aka BACON, but this is bigger than how Wright bacon makes me feel! lol

This is going to be tough, but I am so excited to see the results! With the kick off prep and vegetarian life comes the progress pics again!! So June 15th the polka dot bikini will make its debut again!! Time to refocus and get this work! Stay tuned for my results, what I am eating, and what I am doing!

Kelz is on a mission!


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