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At one point or another, I am sure you have said that you spend entirely too much time on Social Media. If you can’t, I can say it for you! Over the course of this journey, I started to notice my infatuation with indulging in everyone else’s lives. You know that routine where you check Instagram, then Snapchat, then Twitter, then Facebook, then go back and repeat to see what updated since the last time. Before you know it, you have spent over an hour watching videos, liking pics, and leaving comments.

I am at a point in life where I need to push the restart button on 2017. While my fitness journey has catapulted me into a great place physically, my personal and professional life have seem to have fallen by the wayside. I need to eliminate distractions and do some soul searching. Mayne (as my Memphians say so nicely), I feel like I have been going through for some time now when I type these posts. I can honestly say the 30th year of my life has been one of the most revealing, challenging, and maturing years of my life. I may even write a book on it! In the midst of my ups and downs and emotional roller coaster moments, I found myself getting on Social Media and comparing myself and my situation to others and beating myself up about my current state of mind. But in the middle of doing that and putting myself more in a slump while lusting for what others seem to have, a wise friend told me “Kelli, you cannot look to Social Media for what people are truly dealing with. It’s a camera, so its our nature to smile for it.” It was such a real ass conversation yall…and it was something I needed to hear.

So, to get myself on a better page in life, I have started to put together my Strategy behind my Stride (I got any followers that go to Wheeler Avenue in Houston! Amazing Sermon on Sunday). I chose for the month of May, and heck maybe even longer, that I wanted to fast from ALL social media (besides sharing my blog with you all) and focusing on what God has for me and what his purpose is for my future and my life. I want to use the time I spent scrolling and living for gossip and drama to give God my undivided attention in prayer, reflection and reading. I am in need of some serious answers for my life and I don’t want to miss them cause I was too busy trying to figure out why so and so stopped following so and so and why so and so reaching with this subliminal post lol. DONT SIT THERE AND ACT LIKE I’M THE ONLY ONE THAT DOES THIS! lol!

So I started May 1st, and so far I have already gotten an answer to one thing I was struggling with, my career. I think the Month of May will be Spiritually and Physically Fit posts from me. First up, what God is doing in my career…

Stay tuned!


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