I’m Back and I’m Better!

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As the wise prophet Bryson Tiller once said…I’m back and I’m better! Thursday was nothing short of amazeballs! Why you might ask?!?! It was my first day back in the gym with weights and bars and bands and squats! Leg day with plyo! You know you love fitness when you can’t WAIT to have that sore body from a job well done! It had really been too long!


I have been stiff walking all weekend, and despite the pain, I actually like the confirmation that I put in work! People always think the workouts are so hard to do, but I truly live for them! It’s amazing to see just how much your body can show out for you if you allow it! Just when you think you have done enough, I encourage you to push yourself just a little bit longer!  It really is all mental. I went all the way in today like I had never left! Sprints before workout and all! I did not do progress pics this week, since I am have only done fasted cardio and this workout for this week. So I will kick the pics back up starting next week!

This week was all about my day job! Monday I had a work dinner to attend and Tuesday my job treated us to a Rockets Game! They played the Warriors so ya girl HAD to see Steph Curry in action! I hate KD is injured, but wishful thinking…he will be back for playoffs! Thursday morning, I woke up with every intention of hitting my fasted cardio and lats workout, but I woke up to a VERY unexpected work email that caused me to have to go in early! Like 8am early! I don’t have to be at work till 9 so to have to be there early and commute during school hours…whew chile it was a lot! But thank goodness the Lord saw fit to tell me to check my work email before cardio, because getting there late could have been a career limiting move! He be knowin yall!

As you know April 1st was yesterday and while I am kinda ugh about it being only another day till I grace that stage, I am FREAKIN elated to have cheered my girl on in Dallas!!! My fellow figure fitchixx Tarah competed and we came to represent! Ya heard me! Lol Not being around my girls made me really miss the gym and the sisterhood we have formed while doing this journey together!! They make workout so much fun and we laugh our way through the pain!


I don’t really have observations this week. Fasted Cardio is and always will be a must during this thing called prep! It has really become something I like to start my day. It wakes me up and makes me feel accomplished before my day even starts. I know to some 45 minutes feels like an eternity, but I will share with you my tricks to make time go by

  • Put together a great playlist! Music is really a game changer in a workout! R&B and slow jams have no place in the gym unless it is cool down or stretch…maybe even yoga, but other than that, I have a playlist full of pop, twerk, and trap music! I need an upbeat tempo to get me through! One of my go to songs to get through the last stretch is Calvin Harris “How Deep Is Your Love” If you have never heard it, PLEASE take a listen!
  • Hulu/Netflix! With the workout schedule and work load, I rarely get to watch live TV. The DVR and On Demand have really become my friends when I am home, and I like being able to skip commercials. On the treadmill, I use Hulu, Netflix, or Uverse App. I can catch up on what I missed, and I can go back and watch old stuff too. For example, I can watch reruns of The Game (CW days not BET days…they ran that show into the ground on BET) and old seasons of Real Housewives of Atlanta (seeing them from Season 1 till now is such a huge transformation). Most of the shows I watch are hour long shows, so one show and BOOM my workout is done!
  • Accountability partner! If you are committed, and you have a friend or workout partner that is on board, hold each other accountable! Wake up call girl! It’s time to get that cardio in! Meet me at the gym in 5 minutes!

As I said before, it really is all mental! The only workout you will regret is the one you didn’t do! Remember that and get it done! : )


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