When We Break…WE Break!



April 22nd. That is the end date. I have had quite an interesting journey to say the least thus far. Highs and lows, ups and downs, setbacks and successes. With everything that has transpired, I am proud of me! But at the same time, when your body is trying to tell you to rest, you have to listen. So, flying back from Tennessee, I came down with a cold/sinuses situation the moment I got off the plane. I have been on Sudafed tough all week, and I have been letting my body rest to prepare for what is to come. Work deadlines and events came and went this week, but I can say this week has probably been the best sleep I have gotten in a while. It’s like my body had to get to its lowest to truly feel the come up! I feel so rejuvenated and revitalized (still a little icky but not nearly as bad as I felt Tuesday). I have been focusing on me and what makes me happy and what got put off cause I was so wrapped up in competition and well, life. It felt good to be able to just spend time with loved ones and to heal my mind, body, and spirit.

Observations or maybe Realizations for the week were:

  • Putting on a front is freaking exhausting. One of the reasons I needed “me” time was just to get myself together and handle things in life. I didn’t realize being around people pretending to be ok and acting like I am fine when I know darn well I am not was truly breaking me down. It took this time of reflection to accept that no one is perfect. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are human. It’s ok to make mistakes and have problems. You are not alone (whew that was key!) Confiding in near and dears helped me to see what you are facing is nowhere near uncommon. You alright! Take some time for you and get you on the right track. Competition, gym, TRUE friends…they aren’t going anywhere.
  • Sleep is such a major key! Ripping and running and going here and there…my body was not getting the opportunity to rest. Work after working out was keeping me up. Life’s worries and stress was keeping me up. Energy post workout was not helping me wine down. I have never been the type to get 7 or more hours of sleep. Hell I even feel groggy for the day sometimes when I get that much sleep. THIS WEEK RIGHT HERE…THIS WEEK RIGHT HERE though!?!?! I had no remorse whatsoever if I got 8 or 9 hours of sleep! It felt so good! I would wake up for work and not even realize my husband was gone to work. Didn’t hear a door open, keys moving, feel a kiss goodbye…I’m talking bout that good sleep where you wake and have to think for a sec about where you are and what happened! LOL The aftermath is the sickness that hit me made it mandatory for me to slow down! I hear you body…I HEAR YOU!
  • Negative energy and toxins gotta come out! I am like a sponge…when things happen that affect me in a negative way I internalize it and don’t take the time to get rid of that energy. I was walking around with tons of negative energy on me like bricks and ya girl aint carried a brick literally since 2007 (LOL shout out to the Phenoms)! I took this week to let that ish go! Meditation…time in silence…deep breaths…focusing and centering on yourself for a sec. Also, I had fell off on my ACV routine (probably why I got sick to begin with), I kicked that back up and start my day with lemon or lime infused water…detox is a must! I am even going to Hot Yoga Saturday to help even more (Thanks Twin for the tip!)

Going forward, I am promising myself to ALWAYS make time for me! Even if that means throwing off your regularly scheduled routine to do it! This was needed after 2 and half months of intense workouts and emotions and changes in life. I took a step back and realized girl you have truly changed your lifestyle! 2016 Kelli and 2017 Kelli really are not the same! Well…in some ways we are…but my priorities in life have changed. My circle of friends have grown and gotten smaller at the same time. I value friendships that truly matter. I invest in those that invest in me. If you don’t do your part then no need to waste time with you. Life will show you some things and all you can do is learn from it and accept it. And with that, I’m out! Next blog we back on the grind! And ya girl is starting RIGHT where she left off! Got on the scale and had not gained a single lb!!! 149lbs on March 24th



2 comments on “When We Break…WE Break!”

  1. Great post! Now you understand why I push that REST AND SLEEP!!! its IMPERATIVE that your mind and body SHUT DOWN and repair. You get it! You get it! 😁❤️


    1. Yeeeesss!!! It all makes perfect sense now! I had gotten to a point of feeling like a robot doing things cause I was told to do them and feeling empty inside…needed to refill and recharge!


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