No Matter What…Keep Going…

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Today would have been the day that made me 15 days from show time! April 1st was my day to say I did it! I made it! I came out on top in this thang! BUT! This week’s results and this week’s sit down with my trainer resulted in my competition being pushed back to April 22nd. Now now now don’t fret folks! I am OK! I definitely wanted to stick to my date and get up there and strut my stuff! But my trainer is very experienced in this, and if she says I need a few more weeks to really be stage ready, I want to take heed and follow instruction. I know she wants the best for me and wants me to kill it as well! So with that said, let’s get into this progress!


I came in at 149lbs this week! Up 3lbs from last week…the struggle has been so real yall!! Bottom pic is this week on top and last week on bottom!


Is it just me or do I look smaller but weigh more this week!?! Any who, life comes at ya fast and it’s taking a toll on me. This week was a roller coaster of emotions and next week is more to come. I have decided to take some time to refocus and prepare myself for what is to come in the next few weeks. I have really gotten lost in the sauce and priorities are all a blur.

With that, here are my observations:

  • With a stressful week came yet another unexpected visit from Aunt Flo! She really gotta stop popping up on me whenever she feels like it! I am not a fan of what all she brings and the cravings are intensified with the meal plan! Ladies, you know chocolate be on your mind TOUGH when she comes in town! I slick didn’t even want to weigh in this week cause I KNEW I was bloated and not at my best! Heck we gone contribute part of that 3lb gain to her! Eve know she messed us up in life all over that darn apple!
  • So, my trainer did give me my problem areas while giving me my “April 1st ain’t the day for you” speech. While my legs are coming in very well, she wants me to get more fat off my back and stomach. Definition isn’t coming in like she wants. I know that means really sticking to that diet (like not even a bite of something bad) and drinking my ACV and green tea faithfully. I am also going to start wrapping in saran wrap during fasted cardio. It had been brought up before amongst the other ladies training, but I am a firm believer of “Until I am told to do it by Niq, I just don’t know if I am required to do that.” LMAO!
  • Work and Competition Prep started to take over my life where I let my role as a wife kinda slack a bit. It’s hard to see where you fall in the scheme of things when you are busy trying to complain to someone else about what they do or don’t do. I got so wrapped up in my own schedule and what I had going on professionally and what not, that I didn’t feel the need to make sure my husband was good sometimes. Communication started to slack and things around the house weren’t getting done and we both started to blame one another! You need to be here so things get done! You are here so why are you waiting on me to get things done! *Deep sigh* Took a step back and let it all out! Woooosahhh! What can I say…we are a work in progress! Tell me your marriage is perfect and I will tell you HA! Nice try!
  • You ever felt like the closer you get to an accomplishment, the more things come up to try and defer you from your goal?! These past few weeks have been trying to say the least! You don’t realize just how much things effect you until its smack dab in your face! February and March have been rough moments for me since losing my father unexpectedly in 2007 while in college. This year, I have had to get through those same dates (February 22nd and March 28th) while also be strong for loved ones! My niece has been through a lot at such a young age. As I prepare to fly home tonight to be there for her as she lays her father to rest, I cant help but be reminded of how I felt when I did the same for my father when I was 20. She has handled everything with so much grace and strength…she makes me that much more proud to call her my TeTe baby! When God is trying to wake you up or get your attention, sometimes it takes it hitting home to make it loud and clear! I encourage you all to appreciate and value loved ones while they are here to see and hear it. Our time on Earth is so precious! Lord knows I would love to be able to call my daddy back after missing his last phone call to me, so now a days, I say I love you every chance I get and I hold on to my loved ones just a little bit longer when I get the opportunity.

Alright!!! So the countdown gets a little longer in days, but the end product remains the same! I am coming back from Tennessee Tuesday with the attitude that 5 weeks is all I got to turn this thing around! It ain’t about the setback, it’s about the recovery!


So with that, I’m about to be like Nike and JUST DO IT! Thanks for sticking with me and reading my blog! This journey teaches me new things with every week, and I am glad that I can share it all and inspire others! Peace and Pull Ups!


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