I WOKE UP LIKE THIS…nah not really!


WHELP!! I must say…this week’s results definitely gave me that sense of accomplishment! It has been a little over 2 months now and I am in the last stretch before Competition Day! I knew I simply could not keep you waiting on this blog post! No sireeeee! I wanted to make SURE this bad boy was published today! Here is this week’s progress!


I came in at…get ready…146.6lbs!!! People! I have not been below 150 since like 2012! This is such a milestone for me! I am less than 20lbs from my stage weight goal! I have more than enough motivation to keep this up!!

Now that I am moved into my new place, I can focus on the goal and knock this thang out the park over the next 4…yeah you read 4…weeks! It’s crazy my 1st blog was 12 weeks out and now we are 4 weeks away!!


  • Carbs are a game changer! Remember I mentioned that we are carb cycling? Well, I decided to cut carbs 3 days back to back rather than every other day. I would have oatmeal for breakfast, but after that, its protein and salads or greens of some sort only. Meat and veggies get rid of the jellies…sorry it’s the closest I could get to fat that rhymes lol!
  • Sprints are definitely getting me lean! I didn’t see it immediately like this but consistent sprinting 3 – 4 times a week is also proving to be a game changer! The things I have learned during this process are definitely things I plan to continue after competition.
  • Sleep is a necessity for this stuff to work. Rest days are so needed! Going hard in the paint day after day doesn’t give your body time to recover and rebuild. I will say with my work schedule and my lifestyle in general, it is hard for me to be in bed before 12. Getting right back up at 6am for cardio, I am getting like 5 to 6 hours. Working out in the evening, sometimes I am still wired when I get home. I have started taking a sleep powder on those 2 a day nights to help me wind down and sleep in some good REM sleep! See below. It works and I ordered it off Amazon! Prime is so clutch!


  • This competition training is teaching me to have more confidence in myself and to stop saying what I can’t do. My trainer LIVES by the motto “Never say can’t…you can do anything!” Yall should hear her child…she is truly a baby Antanique! As young as she is, she really is someone I admire cause she gets it at such a young age (She is only 10!). When the weight gets heavy or the reps get high…my teammates will tell you I am the FIRST to say uh uh Niq! I can’t lift this! Hell to the naw….to the naw naw naw! That 40 lbs dumbbell will not be seeing me! Lol but at the end of the day…it gets done! I prove more and more to myself with every week!
  • So on top of not having cheat meals, I can no longer do protein shakes AND ya girl cut me down to 1 glass of wine a week…yep you read it right 1…uno…solo dolo! I will be sipping that 1 glass singing Make it last forevaaaaaa! *in my Keith Sweat and Mariah Carey tune* lol
  • I remember I mentioned that I would touch more on my suit…my teammates got on to me about calling it a swimsuit lol. I had no clue on what color to put up against my skin or what I needed…and then came Trish! My posing coach! Her and Niq are the Dynamic Duo! They train winners honey! Their girls place so they know what it takes and how to look! Trish has given me quite a few suits to look at as far as colors, but I am still debating on which color I want to move forward with. Between picking fabric and all the details, the thought of it all gets a little overwhelming…but just believe it will be on and poppin! Suits have to get made to fit your body…your measurements will need to be exact and the price is not swimsuit price…OK?!?! One thing I am looking forward to with my suit is built in enhancement cause ya girl gone be flat chested come Stage Day LOL!

Alright folks! Another week in the books, and a few more to go! Stay tuned, keep reading, and let me know any goals you are setting and crushing! I like hearing from my readers!! So keep the emails, comments, and likes coming!


2 comments on “I WOKE UP LIKE THIS…nah not really!”

  1. Ammmmaaazzinnng!! Just think, weeks ago you were trying to get in all the gus’s before this here journey!! Come all the way through body and Hammies (i see them) !! Great Job boo!!


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