I Had Someone Tell Me I Fell Off OOO I Needed That!


OMG! My apologies readers! This week has been one of the craziest weeks of this journey (nothing to do with competition). Shout out to my fellow SGA mate Shalia! She got on me yesterday “Uh ma’am where is your blog post?! You know you got subscribers waiting on your results!” lol! I traveled to Nashville to spend time with family (Saw my better half Sheena as well!! #12/24alldayeveryday ) and Dallas for work. Quick recap of Nashville (my mommy, aunts, and uncle are not pictured):

My cousin had his Senior Night at Fisk University as well as a Tournament so I surprised him to support! On top of that I was moving to a new apartment 2 days after getting back from Dallas! Whew! I finally got a smidge of time to catch yall up on my life, so without further ado, let’s get into it!

Here is my progress pic from last week! (I posted on my social media just so that you know the progress was real time and real!) Surprisingly, with the  stress of travel and moving on my body, I weighed in at 153 (Same as last week), but with  the choices I had to make for eating in Nashville and Dallas, I will actually take it!


I did a Day 1 pic vs. March 1st pic…2 months yall…working out and eating right!


Won’t he do it?!?! Yes he will! I tried him! Did you? I love God what’s wrong with you?!?

LOL! Ok, I am going to go right into observations:

  • Travel!! Traveling and prepping proved to be challenge for me! ESPECIALLY when no one is on the meal plan you have BUT YOU! Nashville is the home of the delicious Monell’s! Of course my folks want to eat there while we are in town! Can you imagine my face while they ate all the fried chicken they wanted?!?! I basically had a freakin veggie plate and small portions of that! Needless to say a trip back will be due after April1st so I can do it right! I went to Deloitte University for 2 days outside of Dallas. I actually did pretty well while there meal plan wise. I ate salads with oil and vinegar dressing or balsamic vinaigrette and I ate grilled chicken breast.
  • Working out while traveling proved to be yet ANOTHER challenge for me (ANOTHER ONE *in DJ Khaled voice*). I stayed with my little sister in Nashville and her gym was not really the best, but her parking lots and streets in her complex…they were the business! I did 3 laps and at the end of each lap was a massive uphill climb. My 2 sisters (I’m the middle child and I don’t have middle child syndrome) ran together, but the last lap we agreed that when the hill came we would sprint! It was my travel version of fasted cardio and believe me I felt the burn!
  • While I was home, my niece was in a horrific car accident. That took a toll on me emotionally. I am more than thankful to God for having his arms around her and her friends, and I am praying for recoveries both mentally and physically for them all. It really puts things into perspective when you think to yourself how the situation could have gone a terribly bad direction. I admit when I saw the pics I was nervous of what the words would say at the bottom…losing loved ones is never fun! But God saw fit for them all to be on top of the ground! I kept a poker face in the work environment (I really play too much into women aren’t supposed to show emotion at work), but when I got back to my apartment in Houston it was like a flood gate! It was tears of joy, tears of thanks, tears of love, and tears of blessings! I held my husband a little tighter and a little longer that night because none of us truly know when it will be our time to go…


On a brighter note! So going forward into the next week, as I said last week that cheat meals are no more! Everything is strict and to the T 7 days a week. I am done traveling for the month of March, so its tunnel vision to April 1st. I am carb cycling (every other day = no carbs besides oatmeal for breakfast), and I am back to 3 workouts a day Mon. Tues. and Thurs. and 2 workouts a day Fri. and Sat. Wednesday and Sunday are rest days. March 1st made it officially a month away! ( 5 weeks total cause March has that extra week!) Great for work cause I get 3 pay days, but one more week of discipline in workouts and eating right! I probably need that extra week to get some lbs off anyway!

Anywho! Stay tuned! I gave you this post a little late, but this week’s post will be up by Thursday! Thanks for reading and keep motivating me everyone! Your comments and emails really are encouraging me to stay accountable and stay on track to accomplish this goal!


4 comments on “I Had Someone Tell Me I Fell Off OOO I Needed That!”

  1. I’m glad your family is okay!!
    It sounds like you’re in the home stretch! April 1st is right around the corner. I can’t wait to see your after pics 🙂


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