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It’s crazy to think that I am halfway through this journey to Figure Competition! This week has been a crazy one full of ups and downs! By now, yall know the drill…so let’s pop off these progress photos! Excuse the bonnet…it’s early before fasted cardio…

I came in at a whopping…153.3lbs. Yeah I gained a pound from last week, BUT if I looked like what I had been through last week, boy oh boy that scale could have easily said 170 again like when I started. This competition preparation really takes a toll on you with the workouts and the meal plan (Seriously being hangry ain’t nothing to play with lol), but outside of that, external factors are just as crucial to your success in this. Work and relationship are my 2 main external factors right now. Both can and have caused unneeded stress that effects my progress.


As I have said before, I work in Public Accounting. No I don’t do taxes and this isn’t crunch time for me with an Audit. I am in Advisory. We are more of a consulting role for a client involving accounting related risk. This has been a very challenging year for me with new responsibility as well as new goals that I want to accomplish. I have really stepped outside of my comfort zone in the tasks I am taking on and opened myself up to feedback that I may not be used to hearing. I mean, let’s be honest, you can’t grow doing the same things. With that, I tend to be my worst critic. I am so hard on myself when I do not get the results I am looking for or when I feel like I completely bombed something. Sure I may be overreacting, but the stress that comes with it is inevitable. I have learned to start practicing taking a step back and taking a deep breath when I feel things are overwhelming me. Also, I can’t change what I can’t control, and what God has for me IS FOR ME! I have to be secure in my faith that as a Christian, there will be trials and tribulations. How else will he know you’re faithful? It’s easy to do when everything is always skittles and cake (Gosh I would love to have some skittles and cake right about now….NO NO OK focus LOL). These times are meant to make me stronger as a person and to give me a testimony to share with others. So, one day at a time, I am working on embracing this phase of life and learning all the lessons its meant to taught me.

Relationship (Marriage)

For those who do not know, I am a newlywed. I became Mrs. Adams in September of 2016. I had been with my husband for 6 years before we said I do, and our wedding was everything we wanted it to be. We went on a 2 week Mediterranean cruise and saw 6 countries in 12 days. Everything was peachy right? Until we got back to the states and it was time to start taking two independent selfish at time thinkers and make them a unit. I am here to tell you, marriage is the ultimate definition of hard work. It hasn’t been 6 months and I am already learning the patience, the compromise, and the reward of choosing the love of my life every day. I knew there would be good days and bad days, but man, for better or worse…doesn’t really give you clear cut definition of what worse is or can be lol. I can be honest with yall…there have been times we both have said “What did we do? Were we ready? Did I make the right choice?” but prayer and patience have gone hand in hand during those times. When things are rough, I automatically go into stress mode…hard to sleep cause what-if scenarios and thoughts run through my mind rapid, researching and seeking guidance at all times of the night, heck staying up and praying for God to get us through the 1st storm of many to come in this marriage. It was rough, but it taught me that with this new chapter of life, I learn more about myself. I am learning to allow my decisions to include someone else’s considerations and to be ok with something not going as I planned. I am learning that the people we were when we met, the people we were when we said I do, and the people we will be when we are parents or even grandparents, will not be who we are today, and that’s ok. Loving someone and witnessing first hand their growth and maturity and change is a blessing. The biggest thing I have learned is that a relationship with GOD is priority for your marriage. If you or your spouse aren’t right with God, Satan has a one way ticket straight up into your home. The stress I dealt with was distracting me at work and even with competition. People could see the strain it was taking on me. And if you know me, Kelz is the fun loving, happy go lucky, energetic and friendly extrovert that always brings positive vibes where ever she goes. So wearing my emotions on my sleeve was sticking out like a neon green tracksuit in a sea of black wearing runners LOL (you see how I tied fitness back in there LOL). Thank God for my Fitchixx sisters and my close loved ones that allowed me to confide in them and lean on them for prayers. Now!  I am in a much better state of mind and we are back enjoying what God intended for this marriage.

ALRIGHT!!! SHEESH! Enough with all dat!

Observations for this week!!!

  • This week was the last week of having a cheat meal…ya girl did not take that lightly! This past weekend, I probably gave cheat meal a whole new meaning! Wine, rice, shrimp, cake, whew chile! I know my trainer and posing coach reading this but THAT’S OK!! It’s in the past now! And thank goodness I only came in 1 lbs heavier than last week! On the flip side, I cant help but think how much I probably could have lost if I didn’t take it there for my last hoorah…DAH WHELP! Ya girl is back on with a vengeance!
  • Ladies!! Yall remember in the beginning I mentioned that I stopped taking birth control? So you know that means that my cycle isn’t “regulated” anymore right? Well, apparently when your body fat starts to drop…Aunt Flo can just pop up when she feels like it!! I was at work minding my business, trying to get through my Friday, when out of nowhere she came BUSTING in with FULL FORCE! Uh ma’am! HOW DIIIIIID UUUUUU GET HERE! *in Deborah Cox voice* She came a whole WEEK EARLY! I complained to my trainer only to hear her say “That’s what I like to hear!” What woman wishes you well on ish like this! Lol! But luckily it only lasted like 3 days compared to my normal 5 day nightmare.
  • With weight loss comes the clothes issue…I am so torn yall!! All my cute business casual clothes for work are falling off me! Belts too big, dressing don’t hug like they used to, pants don’t fit just right around my thighs…it’s frustrating when you are used to looking nice for work! In this Corporate America world, being natural is empowering in itself! Now I gotta be natural and wearing too big clothes to work lol. The struggle! I am in that awjward phase where I don’t want to buy new clothes cause I have more weight to drop, but I don’t want to keep wearing my few smaller items I kept hoping to get back in them one day.  (Let me tell you! Aint nothing like fitting back into that pencil skirt you just knew your behind wouldn’t let come up past your thighs! Yesssuh! Won’t he do it! Yes He will!) Some suggestions I have gotten are to clip the sides or have alterations done so they fit. Come March, I am going to have to do something or just wear dresses all month. Houston weather is nice so it’s doable.

I think this about wraps up my halfway point! The closer I get to being on that stage, the more nervous yet anxious I get. I go back and forth in my mind sometimes on expectations and what it’s going to be like when the day comes! Picking this swimsuit has been something too! I will touch on that for yall in next week’s blog post! Thanks for reading this long winded post of mine and allowing me to be transparent and share my every day joys and struggles of being Kelli Kelz! Till next time…Peace and Burpees! : )


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