Don’t Let This Waist Cut A Shine!

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Week 6 is a wrap! This was probably my best week yet! 7lbs down in 7 days! Went from 159 lbs to 152 lbs! All Imma say is don’t LET ya girl get in those 140s by next week!! Honey! Lol Ok ok ok! Here are my pics for this week! (I had to take my own photos this week so the timer was my friend)

I feel like the weight is moving, but starting Week 7 I am really trying to be consistent in my meals, workouts, and everything in between! (Sidenote: Ladies…I used to think squats and lunges get that hiney nice and right, but it is actually deadlifts! So when in doubt, deadlift it out…on leg day!) The level of dedication needs to be at an all-time high from now until Competition Day! So…going forward…I have been warned…I will no longer have a cheat meal starting Week 8. So February 19th I will be clean eating every single gosh darn day until I hit that stage. The “Eating for a Purpose” mindset will be in place! Not trying to feed myself based on what I want or what tastes good, instead, I am eating to get on that stage looking FIERCE! I been thinking all this time that 140 lbs was my goal, but OH NO! 135 lbs is what I have to get down to! I graduated college in 2009 at 130 lbs. I have not been 130 since then…but at least I know it won’t look unhealthy. I know I know! I don’t want that skinny body and big ole head! Lol I only had that one time in life and that was right after crossing the sands into Delta Land! Shout out to all my Sawrahs!

Ok anywho! This week was also my 1st week doing posing practice! Thanks Niq for the pics! I am a beginner yall, and I had no clue how much work goes into just posing! A constant flex whwile holding that flex and keeping them muscles tight…honey you are sweating after you do it enough! It burns calories! I am so thankful I have coaches that know what they are doing and are willing to show me the tricks of the trade! Getting my walk down, hitting my poses, and getting that quarter turn down to a science are all on my to do list! So be prepared for more pics as the weeks go by!

So some of the observations this week:

  • Sleep…Lord where are thou sleep! Lately I am so wired from workout and so sore from work out it keeps me up at night! And that fasted cardio at 6am…whew Father! Black coffee and even a 5 hour energy here and there have been getting me through the work day. I am trying a sleeping pill in Week 7 to help wind me down and relax. Will speak on it next week!
  • I started fat burners this week! Those things are something serious! I always saw the commercials for Hydroxycut and all those brands, but I never thought they would actually give me some results! Taking those before fasted cardio and before hitting them sprints have been something else! Folks! Don’t yall go out and buy fat burners and then come get me when you don’t lose 7lbs! What works for one may not work for everybody else. And don’t be taking those and eating whatever! Lol People kill me working out and then eating a salad loaded with ranch or thousand island dressing!
  • No fruit at night! Fruit is to only be consumed in the morning! If you aren’t about to burn it off don’t eat it! I had been eating my little mandarin oranges in my salad before bed, and got in trouble! Don’t be like me…be better than me!
  • New snack alert! Cucumbers with Apple Cider Vinegar! I grew up loving pickles! Like literally I could eat a jar in a day! So this snack kinda reminds me of the taste of sour pickles! It is like water so it doesn’t have a bad effect on me! And it helps to get them abs to poke on through!
  • Meal prep! I get a lot of questions and comments on meal prep! How do you do it? What do you prep? How do you know what to prep? When do you find the time? You have to think of it as cooking for a big family. I take all my meat and season it all at the same time. I use about 3 casserole dishes for my fish. I set the oven at 425 degrees and bake it all for 15 minutes. While that is in the oven, I peel and cut up sweet potatoes to bake at 400 degrees for 25 minutes once the fish is done. While sweet potatoes bake, I cut up cucumbers for salad and snack, and I prep strawberries for breakfast. Before I start I lay out my containers for all my food too so when it cools or when Im done prepping I am storing it and putting it in fridge! Viola! You got yourself lunch and dinner for the week (or in my case about 3 or 4 days)


So I think this wraps up my Week 6! I always say I may do another post, but Imma be real with yall! My job has been kinda sort of demanding of me! Year end is around the corner and I can’t wait till the end and slack off. This weekend I plan to devote more time to my blog though! I took my faux locs down this past weekend too! So I am rocking a puff this week! I can definitely share what I do to achieve my puff! Let me know if you want me to!

Kelz Out!


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