For Competition Girls…Who Have Considered Sprints When the Progress AINT Enough!


Week 5 has come to a close, and OH EM GEE…I am not sure what will happen over these next few weeks to come. New feelings, new emotions, new body changes, and new expenses to pay for!

Here is Week 5 progress pics and a comparison to last week.

I am at 159.2 lbs, but I have to get down to 150 by March 1st…at least 150. It is 2/8/17, so that means I have 20 days to get these 9.2 lbs out the door and off me! Now, I know that I should be seeing more progress with all that I am enduring (my trainer made me VERY aware), but I think there is one thing I am enduring that is hindering me from seeing more in a week’s time…and that my friend is STRESS!!! I stay up at night some nights stressing over things I cannot control, and when you lack sleep and increase stress level…you can definitely see no change in your weight or appearance. I am really working on accepting things I can’t control and focusing on taking care of me right now. I cannot pour encouragement and positivity into others if I am on empty myself. This journey is getting harder and harder with every week, and if I am at a weak state now, it will not get better. So I am keeping these quotes on the brain and detoxing stress every chance I get! Trust a MUCH needed Deep Tissue Stress Detox massage is coming up in my life! (By the way, if you are in the Houston area, please please PLEASE check out LaRuesTouch LMT @ltmassage15 on IG. She is the truth and she makes house calls! Ain’t nothing better than getting relaxation and restoration in the comfort of your own home!) I hope that these quotes can be of use to my readers as well. When you feel at your lowest or stressed, just remember:


Ok. Observations for the week!

  • Fat doesn’t care where it comes off you hear me! If you know me or have known of me, Kelli Kelz aint ever EVER been more than an A cup BORDERLINE B cup in bra. Well when I gained weight I may have almost filled up that B, but EITHER WAY! Ya girl is a FATHFUL Itty Bitty Titty Committee Member! Front and Center…Present and Accounted For! Long story short, as these weeks go on…I can already see I’m going to be flat as a chalkboard when I get on stage! I looked down in the shower the other day and all I could think was “Maaaaaayne I ain’t got much…I guess I gotta say goodbye to my mouthful!” So ladies (men too they can develop a little fat there too with lbs), keep in mind breasts are fatty tissue and you can’t control where fat wants to leave you from!
  • My will power and discipline around people NOT prepping is a work in progress! I’m sure the Fitchixx (especially the SGA girls) will really think before inviting me somewhere to hang knowing they ain’t on prep. Superbowl Sunday I tried to hang with the crew and watch the game…OMG thank goodness they tell me no and refuse to cave and let me have ANYTHING in excess (Shout out to Momma Jess! She told me NO every chance she got and didn’t hold back AT ALL!) I did have a cheat meal Sunday (which means I am clean eating all week this week), but my cheat meal was such a waste! (I tried Alfreda’s Soul Food in Houston and people I would not recommend them to anyone! Such a waste of a cheat meal YALL!!) So when we got to Axelrad (which had I known we were going there I wouldn’t have even ate that soul food), I couldn’t eat ANYTHING cause it was all bad. THEY had pizza, wings, crawfish, and wine…while I had a salad with grilled chicken and balsamic vinaigrette dressing, 1 YES 1 crawfish tail (Trainer said it’s just protein after Jess ONCE AGAIN told me NO! lol), and 1 glass of wine. You talking about MIS-RE-DARN-BLE! But I endured and lived to fight anotha day!
  • 1 minute sprints are the DEVIL! I get through them but LAWD those are the LONGEST 60 seconds of my life! And she just keeps increasing how many I have to do!!! What once was 2 has become 4! Jesus be oxygen when I get off that curve! You think a regular treadmill is death…that curve aint nothing to play with! It will get away from you if you don’t pay attention! But on the flip side, you burn 30% more calories on it! If you aren’t familiar here is a pic!


Whelp! I think this about wraps up my Week 5 conclusions and progress! Tomorrow is my 1st official pose practice and I need to get shoes (another expense).  I hopped on IG real quick and Trainer got on my head about getting some rest and not eating Mandarin oranges on my salad anymore! So with that, I am going to take my behind to bed. Fasted cardio at 6am waits for no one! Peace out folks!



4 comments on “For Competition Girls…Who Have Considered Sprints When the Progress AINT Enough!”

  1. Wow! Your progress is amazing!!!! I can only imagine how stress can get in the way of progress. Even when we think we are managing, our body is like “HELL TO THE NAW”. I’m so inspired to make more sacrifices to lose, looking at your transformation. I feel like I prob have the same body type as you and would lose my jugs as well lol. Keep up the good work!


    1. Thanks Kandace! Yea girl this journey has really taught me the science to food and how it works in your body! I know what foods trigger bloat for me and what keeps me flat. I probably will continue a lot of this after prep (lifestyle change). Girl bras just dont even fit the same anymore, so at least you have been warned lol! Glad I can inspire you to want to see more in your results! It aint easy but its so worth it in the end!


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