3 Weeks Down…9 Weeks To Go!


Week 3 has come to a close and this week my friends, I think I see some change in this here progress! You take a look and be the judge…


So, obviously this sprint workout and ACV/green tea regimen that has been added to my weekly routine is doing its job! My weight went up to 161.2 at final weigh in,  but I swear I think this new hair do added 2 lbs in hair weight lol. My trainer told me not to worry about the weight…inches are gains!  My meal plan has stayed the same throughout this entire time (I mean I have my cheat meal a week, and I’m not gone lie I have slipped a little snacking in from time to time that was not conducive to what I’m doing here). HOWEVER! When you get it right 90% of the time, you see your body start that good ole TRANSFORMATION!

Some observations I think I have made this week are:

  • I don’t know what it is or how it is but Target’s tilapia tastes better than Kroger…Has anyone else noticed that? I guess when you eating it as much as I am you can see and taste all the differences!
  • Rosemary, Thyme, and even a little Oregano make fish and veggies taste pretty darn good!
  • Organic low sodium popcorn is STILL considered a cheat meal! Like who the heck knew that something only 35 calories a cup can only be had in moderation! Ya girl certainly didn’t! *crosses that off my grocery list*
  • Do not cut carbs out of your meal too soon! I got lazy on meal prep a few days and said I am only doing carbs for breakfast…I ate protein and veggies the rest of the day. Trainer said no to that! Enjoy those carbs while you can cause carb cycling is very near for you my dear
    • For those not familiar with the term “Carb cycling,” it is when you go so many days of the week eating absolutely no carbs. Your body doesn’t have to burn off what you haven’t eaten. You already don’t consume sugar, and on those specified days you are not eating carbs so you know what you burn in workout…YEP! You guessed it! FAT! The only downfall is that you are extremely tired without carbs as well. Trust the process though…its temporary J (I’m trying to give yall that same motivation that is given to me…you can read my enthusiasm right?!?! Lol

I have gotten quite a few questions from followers, friends, social media, people in general so I thought I may as well share them here! Who knows! I may start doing posts just on “Kelz Korner for Thoughts” lol (ya girl is great with catchy phrases and jingles! Ask my Linesisters! Lol)

  • How much ACV (apple cider vinegar) do you put with water? Portions? How often?
    • I was told to do a solution that is ¾ ACV and ¼ water (a shot of ACV with a splash of H2O) and I do this when I wake up and before I go to bed (Drink 8pz of water 1st then down the shot)
  • How in the heck are you doing 3 workouts in a day?
    • My job does not require me to be at the client until 9am. I do my 45 minutes of fasted cardio at 6am. I leave work around 5:30pm to fight Houston traffic to get to the gym for 6:30pm and 7:30pm workout. I am normally home by 9 to shower chill and be in bed by 11…sometimes 12 then start my new day bright and early at 6am.
  • How are you able to stay so disciplined and motivated?
    • My support system of course! The FitChixx (You see we work hard on IG and Snapchat but below, you can see we play so much harder) are more than just a group of ladies I work out with. They have truly become family! It is nothing like the typical catty females that can’t celebrate one another…yeah no crab barrel mentality over here! We uplift and pull one another up and celebrate all of our accomplishments. We all are striving to be fit and with a common interest like that and a trainer like Niq (@antanique and @fitchixxhouston on IG) the positivity and drive is contagious!!! If you ever are in the Houston area and want a true workout that tests your fitness check us out!
  • Oh and special shout out to my SGA girls (a few pictured below from New Year’s Eve Dinner)! Sculpted Goddess Athletics are the competition specific ladies that train to compete with Antanique. They have really become big sisters! Guiding me through this journey and encouraging me when I feel like it isn’t doable.

Now, after Week 4, there may be a change in my meal plan and a change in my cardio. I won’t know until next week. As far as what this hair of mine is doing these days…I have crochet faux locs! If you cant tell by now…I love a good crochet! It takes way less time than individual braids and its nothing to take down! If you have never tried it, Kelz highly recommends it! Here is the finished product!


February is approaching and that means I’m 2 months away (8 weeks) from getting on that stage! Let’s get it!!


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