Week 2 is a Wrap!

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Week 2 has come to a close, and I must say the struggle is real! I am not going to make you wait lol. Here is my progress pic for Week 2.


I went down to 160.2 lbs this week (Down 2 lbs this week and 8 lbs total over the past 2 weeks). I definitely can attribute that to several factors.

I had my cheat meal on Wednesday (Orange Chicken from Panda Express with brown rice) then realized I will be at Deloitte University for Thursday and Friday. Now for those who do not know, I am a Senior Consultant by day at Deloitte (public accounting firm) in the Accounting and Reporting Transformation Market Offering of Advisory. Sounds really important right? Lol Well long story short, my part of the job is to come in and help our clients with accounting and reporting issues that would arise in an audit. We are the audit expertise our clients can rely on when dealing with their auditors. OK! Back to my distractions of my meal plan! So Deloitte University is a facility for Deloitte professionals where we receive technical and soft skill development training. There is food EVERYWHERE!!!! Literally! The hotel floors, the hallways outside of your classrooms, and the Market (cafeteria) is a freakin’ 5 star restaurant buffet style!  Of course the fish they had was salmon every day that I cannot have but once a week in one meal. So, I had to do the vegetarian option along with roasted chicken or one day they had a different fish that I got (can’t remember the type). I got a salad with dinner and lunch as well. It was hard to walk away from the duck, lamb, mashed potatoes, OMG I could go on and on! But not eating on my meal plan, I saw a huge difference. I had 1 glass of red wine as well (I’m allowed 2 glasses a week). I also had yogurt with granola and trail mix for a snack during the day Friday. I could not get protein in all day like I would when I am home.

To make matters worse, our flight was delayed on Friday and where did my coworkers want to waste time…MEXICAN RESTAURANT in Love Field airport! I had salsa and guacamole and drank water with lemon while they had margaritas…yall…ya girl was miserable! But I stuck to my water and got my 2nd glass of wine on the flight! (Flight attendant gave a free glass since our flight was delayed).

I could go on and on with the food shenanigans, but let’s just say…week 3 is a new week! As the gospel song says “We fall down, but we get up!” I am here to tell you, there will be times you slip or fall off the bandwagon, but you have to get up and get back in the game! So, I am on my fish for the week! Meal prep to the T! AND to make matters worse…

Workout has a new addition for the next 3 weeks!! Yes honey! My trainer remixed the workout! So after seeing my progress pics, she decided to add 3 6oz glasses of green tea a day, a shot of ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) diluted with water BOTH in the morning and before bed AFTER I have drunken 8 oz. of water. And the fun part…sprints!!! Yes folks! I will be doing sprints 3 times a week for the next 3 weeks! 400m *2, 200m * 4, and 100m * 8 or 1 minute sprint twice, 30 second sprints 4 times, and 15 sec sprints 8 times. My trainer says it’s time to shock my body because the FitChixx workouts are becoming a normal expected thing for it. SO! The next 3 weeks are about to be fun filled and jam packed with some results!

Last but certainly not least…HAIR!! So between my crochet styles (getting crochet faux locs Saturday), I decided to do a braid/perm rod set. I filmed it and shared it here

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8N5TYZ-x7R4 !

Be easy on me people! It’s my first video, and I did the filming editing and posting from my LOVELY Samsung Galaxy S6 edge (No it’s not a note and won’t blow up on me…yall really need to let that go lol). So check it out, subscribe to kelzncurlz on YouTube, and stay tuned to my blog for what is to come with Week 3 results!


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