What Did I Get Myself Into?!? :)

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WELL!! I am in Week 2 of this journey and I must say this is something else. I am a little late sharing my progress pic. Monday my photographer (hubby) had to be at work earlier than usual, so I had to catch him today instead.

I must admit, I was a little disappointed in my pics. I felt like I have actually gotten bigger since last week’s weigh in, but I have lost 6 lbs. After speaking with my trainer and another figure teammate, they assured me that one week isn’t enough time to panic on results and to keep my stress levels low as they too can contribute to lack of results. Here are some of my observations from one week of exercise and meal plan:

  • Morning fasted cardio made me entirely too sleepy at work that 1st My body has to get used to it. This morning I woke up at 530am on my own ready to tackle it though, so this week seems promising. I feel more alert at work in the mornings than last week, and I have gotten used to the taste of black coffee (Yall that black coffee is strong! I been missing out!)
  • Drinking a gallon water was a STRUGGLE this past week! Remembering to finish my cups/bottles of water was a little hard to do when I was home on vacation and those few days at work going to the water fountain to refill. The secret to it that has been working for me is buying water by the jug. Having that Gallon Jug with me all day keeps me conscious of where I stand and how much water I have left. I have a Tumbler that I refill throughout the day. Since I started that method, I am done with my gallon before 5pm, however, I am hitting the restroom FAITHFULLY every 20 minutes. They say you will get used to it, but until then, ya girl is getting her steps in with that walk back and forth!
  • As you know I am only eating fish (white fish) as my source of protein. I did have a cheat meal last week and it was a turkey burger and fries with ALL the fixings including bacon jam! GLOORRAY! Lol (I will hit on how bad this was later). I tried a new white fish for me, orange roughy. OMG! Who knew it tasted as good as it does! Of course the best tasting is also the most expensive! Smh lol…
  • Since eating on this meal plan, cravings definitely have their moments! I have been curving my cravings chewing Extra sugar free spearmint gum. It helps to keep my mind off the cravings and focus on the chewing and flavor while it lasts.
  • So yeah…my progress pics, I found out tonight also that my meals should not consist of carbs after my 3rd meal of the day (for me that is lunch). Since I am up and eating breakfast around 7, my trainer said I should be eating 6 meals a day if I am up till 10pm at night. Well, I was prepping my extra meal with carb (sweet potato) that was a NO NO! So that could also be a reason for my lack of leaning down as well. Either way! Now I know that after lunch no carbs are in my meals, ONLY meat and veggies!
  • Cheat meal…boy was my understanding of this wrong…I was dedicating my cheat meal to just indulging for one meal on what I wanted and how much I wanted of it. Apparently a cheat meal is only to allow yourself a taste of something you should not be eating while prepping. I was planning a cheat meal this week with Pappadeaux Gumbo and a Chopped Salad with fried crawfish and creamy creole dressing ONLY to get shut down and told NO! You don’t pig out for that one meal…you get a salad with grilled crawfish and a vinaigrette dressing and MAYBE a cup of gumbo…you know I had an UBER sad face! Eating right can really put you in a grumpy mood sometimes. It gives hangry a whole new meaning lol!

So I think that about concludes my observations. I am in Week 2 and taking it one day at a time! By doing that, it keeps me from being overwhelmed with what all is to come in the next few weeks and months. I’s 80 days away from competing! Let’s keep the countdown going!

Oh and I still have hair to hit on! I am rocking crochet for now, but since I reinvented my style a few times, I decided to give it one more week.

What started as twists…



Turned into a FYE twist out (Shoutout to the FitChixx in the pic! My girls!)…


Then became a Bob in its final phase!


I am taking this down over MLK Weekend. That gives me time to show you from start to finish what I do to achieve a go to look of mine…rod set! So, I got my camera, I got my products, and I got my rods! Let the filming begin!

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