One One Twenty Seventeen


Day One. A new year. A new goal. Fitness and Health has become a part of my lifestyle. Meeting the FitChixx and my trainer Antanique Laundry (@antanique and @fitchixxhouston on IG) was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. Let me give you a little background on my why when and how for my journey to Figure Competition on April 1, 2017 (yes I know it’s April Fools Day but the joke will not be on me because I am doing this competition lol)


I started working out and getting in shape in late February/early March of 2016. I was 170 lbs and I showed every bit of it at only 5’3. The epiphany hit me while going through my engagement photos with my mother. As she skimmed through, she called me and said “Kelli…you gone have to do something before you have kids…cause if you don’t…you are going to be as big as a house.” I had been dodging mirrors, eating when bored, and stressing about work and life in general that I hadn’t taken the time to take a look at myself. I was seriously getting out of control. I was up to a size 12 in pants and a large in shirts for them to fit comfortably. I knew then at that very moment it was time for a change.

My progress has been amazing as you can see in the photo below.


I did this transformation from late Feb/early March to August 2016. Now in give or take 6 months, I had lost about 17 lbs, but I apparently gained quite a bit of muscle. I had so much more confidence and self-esteem when I started seeing results that it became addictive. After workout one day, I stayed and watched the competition girls do posing class (my trainer does competition training as well and she incorporates posing classes with her training). There was one woman that stood out to me as a fitness goal for myself. I told my trainer I want to get to that in progress. How do I get to this level of fitness? This definition of muscle? She encouraged me to achieve it by training for a competition. I said cool. I can train like I am going to do one and then just maintain it once I reach the body I like.  She said “Well, why not actually do one so you can have the discipline to do it and stick with it. You won’t want to get on that stage unless you are ready, and doing the competition will push you to stay on track.” And with that said, I set a goal.


I have chosen the NPC City Limits Championship on April 1, 2017. I started attending SGA (Sculpted Goddesses Athletics) workouts late 2016, to start lifting heavy for prep, but my 12 weeks out training begins Jan 2nd (yeah tomorrow). I enjoyed my time at home for the holidays, and ate everything I wanted knowing I won’t get to enjoy these things again until April 2nd. To prepare for my strict diet and workout regimen, I decided to do a 5 day plant-based detox Dec 28th through today. That later turned into a 3 day detox with the weekend being entirely too busy to prep my smoothies, but I feel that I am in pretty good shape to start my prep meal plan! I wanted a true cleanse of all toxins and waste in my body (if you too want to get your detox on hit up @beennutritionallyconnected on IG Jess is the TRUTH!).


The next 12 weeks I will be taking you through my how! Showing progress and sharing my experience with every post. From January 2nd until March 31st, I have decided to only consume fish as meat, and I have made the choice to stop birth control pills. I want this transformation to be as positive and natural as possible. I am decreasing my time on social media and on wasteful television. I want to take in every minute of this journey and document everything along the way. So, with that said, I hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to subscribe to watch me as I prep for my 1st FIGURE COMPETITION!!

6 comments on “One One Twenty Seventeen”

  1. Oo I’m intrigued – You’re absolutely stunning in all your photos posted, but I look forward to following your journey – so brave, so bold, and absolutely beautiful. Best of luck for your journey!!!


  2. Kelli

    wow Hun you did a great job putting this blog together. I have to say I am proud of your
    accomplishment. You gave them details,goals,vision,background,grocery list,photos,even suppl.
    I think anyone who reads your blog will be set and well on there way to accomplishing goals.
    Very strong entrance and I am looking forward to witnessing more of your accomplishments.
    Thank you

    now let me go and fix my grocery list


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